Cardboard and Hoovervilles

Ode to Cardboard.

The magnificent feature and terrible creature,

we all throw it out when our refrigerator comes about.

Junk to remove,

hated, you are rude

to this material we can`t live without.

         Speaking of the woes of the under appreciated material, I believe it is time cardboard earned some love. Your love! Because this stuff is actually secretly amazing. It is absolutely cheap, and if you put a shout out on Facebook or Craigslist you are sure to find the good thick stuff in vast quantities.

You may be thinking, “Z, I don`t want cardboard, and I`m definitely not going to ask for more! I already have TOO MUCH! I want it gone, not increased!” Well, that`s good. You are going to be happy to have some fabulous solutions to get rid of all of this. But let`s not jump ahead…

I felt this same hate for ‘the most dreaded’ material too, until I did some websurfing. I found some really cute stuff! Cardboard chandeliers, Little doll houses like my Mom used to make (except we just used a plain box and colored on it with crayons), and building ‘bloxes‘ for cheap architecture. (I`m still rather confused by those bloxes, but they look really cool!)


So, put on your safari hat and x-acto samurai sword, and we`re ready for a cardboard adventure! Well, we will be ready for an adventure. Just because I`m nice, I let you know what I was up to before I was actually done. But I can give you a riddle to guess the project I`m making! I just love riddles, especially because I`m usually terrible at them. Well, Here goes:

When you see me, I see you.

What you see is all turned about for me.

I can do whatever you do,

Yet I will never be.

What am I?


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