Month: January 2013

The Final Countdown `till Print Date: A Real Posting Schedule

Well, it`s not like I didn`t have a posting schedule before. No, really! I`ve been posting in a pattern the whole time. This post that I just linked you to proves it. Well, mostly. Truth be told, my schedule has been kind of crummy and chaotic for a while. In fact, it hasn`t really been

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(MORE) Links Fixed

I`m sorry everyone, but I just keep having terrible problems remembering to insert links! I`ll write up a post, and include links, but never get to actually linking them up. Really frustrating, I know! Sorry `bout that. To ease your mind, I did solve this latest bit of laxness. Again, sorry I`m not really on

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February Posts

Let`s Recap January, Shall we? Ive been promising certain posts for quite a while, and Ive put this  one at least on the back burner for at least a week. I guess the extra step of hooking up my camera is what kept it from happening! But, in the meantime, I have now posted most

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It’s just like a Box of Cracker Jacks- Viet Salad Rolls

Because there is a surprise inside of these seemingly 0rdinary lunch rolls. They look mighty tasty, don`t they? Wish you were here now, don`t you? Well, I suppose I can stop torturing you now and get to the recipe. I kind of like bugging you, though, so can I get a little hint of how

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I Flew All The Way There

How Did I end up In This Mess? I`ve managed to catch it. In an instant of extreme weakness, hunger, and the evil of a car which traps the smells of foodstuffs, I ate some cookies a nice family friend whipped up for us. Unfortunately, being rather a dear but not really aware of the

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Civil War is Here!

What I`m about to tell you is a big secret. So big that a social war is being fought over it. A civil war going on under your nose, right here in America. Were you aware of this? Get the fluff out of your ears, now. I said, “There is a civil war in America!!!!!!!!!!”

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Guy`s Night out Always Leads to Girl Talk

I love guy`s night out. I love going to watch some action movie, oohing and awing over the awesome explosions, high-fiving each other after each particularly spectacular fight sequence. Sure, I like girl`s nights out too, where we get to see chick flicks and eat ice cream afterwards, but guy`s night has a special place

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Mother Knows Best: Leftover Roast Beef Hash

About Frugal Frau This is the Frugal Frau, finally! I am not mythical as you may have thought.  Let me introduce myself. I have a full time job, 3 children and a wonderful husband.  I am firmly attached to my rose colored spectacles and try never to see or live in reality since it is

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Petit Fours: Gluten Free and Fabulous

petite fours,vanilla glaze,treats,dessert,cute dessert,tea treats,tea cakes,topped with strawberry glaze and sugar pearls,on a green leaf print cupcake liners,a dozen petite fours

Bad Day Blues… This is a perfect day. It is raining and my umbrella is broken, last night I hung out and have piles of back work today, and my favorite tea pot is broken. If only everyone followed my lead, theyd see the truth in todays wonderfulness. Because today is magical and special. Because

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Frugal Frau

Some of you have been wondering about this name. I`ve mentioned her, and told you she exists. But there is no proof of it! So far, she has not come out with a single post. My readers have been clamoring with their curiosity, and she has heard your pleas. Or mine. Either way, She is

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