We’ve got cat scratch fever!

We`ve got cat scratch fever and it`s spreading plague!

“Maybe they will stay away,” all the townsfolk pray!

Maybe we`ll infect you with our great sense of fun,

but if you don`t follow this post once you log off, we`re done.

(I had the song from Dr. Horrible`s Sing Along Blog: Bad Horse [Letter] buzzing around my head when I wrote this. Terrible, I know.)

This is one plague you are going to want to share with the world, because it`s a good thing. A very good thing. You may even be tempted to steal some child relative`s art supplies. It`s just that cool, you`ll be able to ignore the indignity of it all.

We`re talking rainbows. We`re talking edgy and dark. We`re talking shadows and sunshine all rolled up and plopped on a page, vulnerable to my artistic interpretation and just begging to be twisted into this new scheme I`ve cooked up.

So here it is. My first bit of devilry. My verra first theme week! (Didn`t you hear the Scottish accent right there? No? Well, you must of heard my French style question right there. Why is this significant enough to warrant all this writing about it? Because it amuses me. Muhaha!)

So, you may be wondering what a theme week even is. Here`s the rundown: every week, I find one theme, be it animal, mineral, vegetable, or other. I have to somehow represent that theme through three different original creations, each creation made with different media (media: in this case means different materials used to create stuff; so clay, paint, and fabric are all media.) So one week may be owl themed, and I`d carve an owl out of wood for a pendent, sew up an owl quilt, and capture some owls on canvas. The thing about this theme week is that I am in charge of it, so you know a lot of interpretations are going to be pretty vague or even, dare I say it, absurdly abstract. That`s just the way the cookie crumbles folks.

I happen to  be a great fan of those little cards that are all matte black on the surface and force you to scratch through to reveal the shiny rainbow colors beneath. I’m such a fan I decided to show you! So, without further ado (trumpets blaring and drum-roll rolling) may I present the very first theme week`s theme: scratch cards!

Here`s my lovely incarnations of this precious little idea:



And even a DIY scratchcard!

Maybe shoes, but that will probably not actually happen this week! Now this is just hysterical exclamation points! Unnesesary lengthening of my super short post! Stop it already Z! (Well, you insisted, so I suppose I can graciously cease and desist. Gracious is my middle name you know. Or Grace. But that is really just part and parcel with an already long tangent.)

So I have told you exactly what`s going on. I`m going to be throwing up full pictures and tutorials tomorrow, and we`ll just build from there. I think that`s a pretty good schedule, don`t you? And when all three of those posts have gone up, I`l give you the link backs here. Even more exciting, when I`ve gotten my theme week stuff posted I can finally post my promised cardboard tutorial! I`m just so excited for that one 🙂


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