I was off on a Zafari…

Wondering about the title? I just really love sticking ‘Z’ into everything now. It makes me feel like I`m following a theme or something! So, what`s up in Zville? I have been crafting five different posts for you today. That is why I did a double post yesterday, just to make sure I wasn`t leaving you lonely and unloved. You`re welcome. 🙂

So, what have I specifically been up to? Well, for one I have been working with a borrowed camera. Phill, short for Phyliss, is my normal bubblegum-pink camera, and is unfortunately feeling a little under the weather right now. I think it`s because she lost her charger!

So in the meantime I have roped in the Frau`s silver clunker. It`s not that it`s an old or sub-level model, it`s just that it doesn`t have any personality, or even a name. Nor does it have the same buttons that I`m used to. And it does not take well to a little innocently splashed fish sauce!

Ah, well. It will live. Or at least it was still working a little bit ago!

So what gems of posts have I been putting together? For one, I was inspired to expand my initial cardboard project, which you can see in this post. Have you guessed my little riddle yet? Ok, I`ll cave- I`m making a layered frame for my mirror! But, after doing even more surfing, I`ve decided to somehow make a cardboard chair. Everyone seemed really excited by the teaser post, so I`m going to follow your ‘likes’ and expand on this subject. Like they always say, why mess with a good thing?

I took a photo session with the unnamed camera-can we call him Jim? I feel like the Frau`s silver camera is a Jim.- and now Jim has many photographic memories of experiments with Vietnamese Summer rolls. Or, rather, a daring interpretation of them. But that post will be posted once I`ve completely finished it! I`m stuck on a few points 🙂

I also have rainbow nails layered with another secret ingredient nail polish coming, because that is the first installment of this week`s theme week that I`m posting. I`m a little misty eyed just thinking about how great it turned out! The pictures are all done, but I want to put together some words that are befitting my amazing readers 🙂 I would tell you what the extra polish is, but then I`d be revealing my secrets. You know us magicians never do that!

Speaking of nails, coming up I`m going to share some of my New Year`s resolutions with you. Besides vowing to have a post up here everyday, except maybe sometimes weekends when perhaps the Frau will fill in, I have some important nail resolutions! Along with sharing my changes, I feel some nail 411 is in order here, and I`m gonna be the one to share it. Well, you can go to many sites such as Daily Nail`s for designs, but most nail blogs don`t give care information. Honestly, to do most nail designs, you need to have nails that aren`t chipped and bitten off, so preventing the chipping doesn`t usually enter the picture. Never fear, I have successfully put myself through nail rehab, and I believe you can survive it with glam digits too 🙂

I was going to create another game themed post with family game night in mind, but I really haven`t had any takers on the first post. I guess I`ll write it up and save it for the next span of vacation time when everyone is staring across the (rarely used) dinner table and wondering what to do with each other.

I also have some sneaky plans for how too make those chinese paper lanterns into fabulous, or at least colorful, decorations. I happen to have three languishing away, unlit and unloved. They worked for adding a dab of modern when most of my stuff was part of an overdone princess set, but I think it is now time to upgrade. And perhaps actually try making some myself. I mean, I have the tissue paper, so if I figure out the technology I`ll have saved myself about five bucks a pop. not including that pesky electricity aspect. I figure it will make a nice statement without light, and I`ll b e able to plug up a light kit pretty easy when I have the funds. For now I`m saving up for an awesome Spring Break trip and a visit to Katsucon. (Yes, I`m aware of the duplicity in teasing the Frau for her geeky ways here but indulging in similar actions myself. Part of my plan to completely avoid geekdom is to make myself immune by continually being near it. Or at least that`s what I tell myself…)

I have kept one last little surprise for you. You know what they say, about saving the best for last? Well, that`s what we`ve got here. A wonderful surprise. Oh, you are desperately squirming on your seat wondering what it could possibly be? Tsk, tsk. Fine, I`ll tell you, though you really need to work on your patience a bit. Here it is, a fun new series cataloging my latest and possibly greatest subject: gluten free petit fours! I love those little bits of goodness, all wrapped up in a dashing glaze or frosting and nestled in a tiny paper wrapper, the baby sister of mini muffin liners. I`m out to show the world that amazingly elegant and oh so French confections such as these are possible for the average mortal. I just have to find a normal person somewhere around here to test this on! In the meantime you can deal with me, the cook. You can still call me Zambini, but I feel my culinary efforts have earned me a new nickname. How about Ze, with a French accent on the vowel. Sounds oh so chic, and romantically Continental. Except calling things continental doesn`t work for me, as I don`t live on the Island of the U.K., and I already am on a continent that is nothing like Europe. (That`s America, for the curious.)

I have some more plans for the future, but I`m going to leave you with this. Honestly, I`m not going to get this all done today. I`ll try, but I`m not superhuman. And Jim just isn`t as good an associate as Philyss. He doesn`t get me like she does! And with that barely comprehensible extended personification of cameras of all things, I bid you adieu. And farewell. And audvitersay nigou, but I know that was spelled horribly wrong. The problem with including foreign words- I think it is Austrian, judging by the fact that supposedly Austrian children were singing it in The Sound Of Music- Imageis that spell check has no decent suggestions. Except for basics like hola- wait, never mind, spell check doesn`t know any Spanish at all. (or even English contractions most of the time!) Sad, really. Someone needs to send this poor technology to a foreign language course at a college so it can earn some polish and knowledge. How else can it impress its ladylove Photoshop. He loves her, see, because she is the artistic sensitive type, that always puts others in a positive light. So romantic, no?


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  2. Thank you for your concern! I was spending the first few days trying to put up posts in general, and am now working through Google`s pages on search engine compatibility and optimization. No need to spend money for a free resource!

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