I Have a Posting Schedule… Sort Of

Some Site Upgrades

I think it`s time you and I arranged a heart to heart. Love “Lion King” quotes! Anyways, it`s time you and I did some talking. There are big changes on the way here. Big changes.

I think the first thing you should know is that you can follow me on Twitter. We talked about thisthe other day, But that was at the bottom of the dog pile of words in the post. I think it needs to be put front and center, at least today. I know it is really just baby steps, adding in these new ways of contacting me, but I think over a month or so my blog will be mostly technologically connected! I plan to start using Youtube and Pinterest, as well as starting a Facebook page. Phil, my camera, is still pining for her lost love/USB cord/battery (Philyss keeps losing things. Yeah. Blame the camera!)

On another, very related note, I am officially synced to Google now. I know, I know, I should have made that my first priority, but I was kind of waiting. I didn`t want to be fully connected until I had a few posts. I`m still working on properly connecting to Bing, but I think I can handle these changes- as long as they come slow and steady!

I`ve also decided that in order to ensure variety, one must take pains to contrive a schedule. It`s very backwards and roundabout, but I think that is the only way to ensure things happen in the order I prefer they happen in. And I think you enjoy variety as well, instead of getting a month in a row that is all recipes, followed by a month that is all dry serious stuff. So I will make all your variety dreams come true! Promise 🙂

Here`s the plan: Step 1, make a solid plan. So here it is!

The Plan

Monday: Recipe

Tuesday: Interest Stories (an interesting version of a news article is one way to explain it)

Wednesday: Crafting

Thursday: Save money, do some diy (make something designer, official, etc for cheap) and other strategies

Friday: What`s happening in Z Land? (updates on the blog, on my life, etc)

Saturday: Poem, riddle, short story, or some other type of writing

Sunday: Wild Card day! I`ll post whatever I darn well want, with the direct purpose of entertaining and amusing you!

I`ll probably throw in a lot of stories of college life and snippets from my job, as well as throwing in random thoughts and ideas. If I`m being purely honest, I probably also won`t follow this schedule very much. It`s really more of a concept map than an actual calandar. But the intent remains!

If I had a lot more days of the week, I`d include a few other bits and pieces:

college news, advice, etc

-stuff I`ve learned from teaching kids for the past few years, and a permanent class of toddlers in my off hours for the past few months (this new development is a very handsomely paid and fun job!)

blog recommendations! I really do love to visit all my favorite blogs, and I think it is only fair that I share them all with you!

Maybe sometime I`ll build up to an alternating schedule, so you only see one type of post every two weeks. I think that could get a little confusing, but really exciting! Just like a subject lottery. There are some other things I`d love to include in that list, but I know I`ll have to wait for a future me that doesn`t find posting blog entries a pride inducing feat of technology know how. (I`m not exactly Geek Squad material here!)

A video ‘advice column’. Except, you know, there won`t be any columns involved. That`s part of the whole difference between video and writing.

A weekly comic strip. I like manga, and would love to throw up some of the funny scenes I`ve thought of, but I don`t think my artistic skills could bear the scrutiny. I make abstract art because it can`t be done poorly…

Art posts. I am really proud of my work, but I think that feeling is probably only shared by my Mother. And only because she`s my Mom, not because it`s actually very good. But a lot of other people like it,  and have commented on it favorably, so maybe I`ll start posting them. Who knows? I could sell some on etsy.

Why would I want to include something as nasty and dark as an Interest Story, which really seems to be some poor excuse for afflicting us all with more depressing news stories? Well, it is not really just an old fashioned news story. It is stuff that would never make it on the front headlines, as I somehow know many people with many stories that are not the victims of drugs, murder, or the paparazzi. If one follows any of the official news outlets, you may be surprised to hear that such an occurrence is possible. It`s true though!

I`ll admit that there may be some ulterior motives for sharing such odd posts with you. I know that I write in a blog, and that means that I am expected to be a type of daily magazine. However, I have a vision of someday leading a site that combines posts with articles and videos, creating a modern mutant of magazines, news papers, news shows, and traditional blogs. Here`s hopin`. In the meantime, I can content myself with sharing one post at a time with you, hoping to bring a cool idea or smile to you each day. It`s a simple goal to aim for, but those seem to be the kind of goals that have unintended and vast consequences for the better.

And on that rather grossly sugary and predictable send off, I`ll leave you with one thing to remember today:

A bird in hand is worth two grumpy experts in bush, as you can always train the cheerful newbie into gaining some skill. And the experts cost a lot more, so it`s really a no brainer!

What do you think of my proposed post subjects? If you see something you particularly love, or something that you`d never want to read and would probably make you never come to my blog again, let me know! This sort of feedback is super useful, especially when it`s specific. And while you`re at it, you can post this on facebook and ask your friends what they think. Or mention an idea is stupid, because they say all publicity is good publicity!


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