Rubber Duckie, You’re The One. You Make Bathtime Fun!

I hate showers.

I don’t know about you, but I actually hate showers. Somewhere between taking off my glasses and being blind, and standing in the dark, windowless, and poorly lit room we call a bathroom, the experience isn’t much fun for me. The room isn`t all that warm, either. It`s a little better now that we`ve painted a few key pieces (walls in Glidden`s Almost Aqua and vanityand trim in Pewter) and set down some new tiles on the floor. The old bunch of tiles was all stained on top of the grout, and when we removed it, we found that it had been attached by sticking them down like stickers and grouting on top. It was literally applied like a bunch of stickers! But I think the worst offense was that they were just plain ugly. You can forgive all kinds of cute things that are poorly made or put together, but ugly things? Never.

Bath time was always fun and games when there were toys involved!

Bath time was always fun and games when there were toys involved!

Not all things can be saved by a coat of paint. Not ugly poorly cared for nails, and not the atmosphere of the bathroom. It still stinks. But I think the thing that really digs me when taking a shower is that there is no such thing as shower toys. I liked bath time as a kid, because there were toys and bath crayons. But they don`t really make that sort of thing for adults. Well, they aren`t marketed as toys.

The point is, sometimes your morning routine could use a redo. And when you`ve already switched up what flavor of coffee you use and tried the bagels from a different company (should have stuck with my favorite Udi`s, Glutino`s was disappointing yet again!) the next place to turn is your bath suite, with the intention of making it, well, sweet.

We`ve got some options here. You can slather up with some cool bath treats and goodies, deck the walls with accessories and techie toys, or redo your washroom. I`ve found that adults do, in fact, have shower time toys, and I think it`s past time you stocked up on some of those too. So let`s run the gamut of ways you can do all of that stuff I just mentioned!


Bath Treats:

Lemon-vanilla shower gel was given a thumbs up by all of my shopping buddies last weekend. You don`t know how rare that is!

Lemon-vanilla shower gel was given a thumbs up by all of my shopping buddies last weekend. You don`t know how rare that is!

  • Bath and Body Works
    • I really like the lemon vanilla scented bath gel that`s on sale right now
  • Or go natural with the Whole Foods kind of version of that stuff
    • I love the Kiss My Face line`s lavender olive soap bar and de-stress shower gel
  •  Cute nail scrubbers

Bath Toys and gadgets for the shower itself

  • Fog free mirror, which apparently is great for shaving in the shower, something I understand laddies with thick beards will find useful
  • Automatic shower gel and shampoo dispenser.
    • You can also get this cool thing that makes your shower gel come straight out of your shower head! Call me impressed.
  • Shower spouts with crazy colored lights
  • Cool steam shower systems mere mortals like myself will never own
  • Massage shower jets
  • Waterproof speakers for your iphone/ipod, radio. Kohler`s is inside the shower head itself!
  • Shower tv! Many of them have a mirror finish when turned off, and are placed right where the medicine cabinet goes- but there are also types that are made to survive being placed in the shower itself!

Accessories for your bathroom to make you smile

All accessories are good accessories, right?
Cute towel hooks and bars!

Cute towel hooks and bars!

  • Fish tank sink (this one goes for around $4.5 k)
    • They have fish tank toilets as well, but that is just disgusting to me. Poor `ittle fish won`t know what hit `em!
  • Singing toilet that also heats your tootsies. Because there is nothing worse than cold feet in the middle of ‘Raise your Glass’, or while you are doing your business for that matter.
  • Cute towel hooks and bars
  • cute towels, as featured in the Neat `n Chic shop.

    You don`t know how much I love sushi already, and in towel form? Unbelievably awesome!

    You don`t know how much I love sushi already, and in towel form? Unbelievably awesome!

Do you like to take showers, or do you have to bribe yourself? Or do you skip the hassle and go for a relaxing bath everyday!?! Would that I could. I love baths.  All those bubbles, and you can take your time and be totally relaxed. I don`t get monthly massages, I get monthly baths! The ultimate treat. Calorie free, too!

I especially love to throw in a bunch of bubble bath, or just explode one of my all time favorite bath bombs from Lush. I think they got me hooked on that store when they gave me random freebies at the checkout, just because they had some unevenly cut soap ends (natural soap is poured in huge blocks and cut off, like a whole loaf of bread). I call that good marketing, because I`m now hooked!

Bathtime: No Shower Stalls Allowed!

  • Bath Melts Not as exciting as the above mentioned bath bombs, but very restful. (And it still smells great!)
  • Bath Salts. Adds some lovely smells. This fancy version here is made from organic kelp salt and lavender. Bit of a splurge at $20, but it will last a year or more if you take baths once a month like me.
  • Bubble Bath: I am a huge fan of bubble bath, and I love to splurge a little for organic and other fancy features when I`m buying it. Plus, I always love bubbles. 🙂 I was so excited when I found out Crayola sells colored bubble solution (it`s not meant for baths, but who`d blame you for blowing a few? That`s what ‘me time’ is all about!) The etsy shop MiracleBelles sells cool bubble bath meringue drops, and they come in approximately a million smells!
  • Bath Crayons! Honestly, I know it seems childish, but I always have great ideas when I`m taking a bath, and this is a great way to record them on the wall. It is also really fun to doodle, especially if you aren`t a kid and don`t get a chance to do that too often. 🙂 Endangered Species brand bath crayons sends some of the profits to save endangered species (hence the name!), so I thought they might be your favorite pick of the lot.

What`s your favorite way to get clean? Do you have to bribe yourself to do it, or is it such a habit you don`t even think about it anymore?


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