When you Feel Down in the Dumps, and None too Happy Either

Sometimes it can actually be a good sign if you are going a little bit crazy. It means you are really being involved in life! It means you are part of the action! It means, in short, that you are, and that is quite an important thing to be.

Then there are other times when it is a bad sort of crazy.

When you are facing problems that look down on you from a giant`s perspective, and try to bring you down. When everything that is good and right in your world will not work. These are the times that show what a man is made of. You need to have guts to wade through the mires of life and come out on the other side, if not triumphant, then certainly changed and honed so that all the characteristics that make you you are clearer than ever before.

It is in those troubling times that one finds them self, and treasures who they are all the more.

I just wanted to leave a note for you, oh troubled soul. I wanted to let you know that, though they may not proclaim their intentions from the roof tops, there are those who love and care about you. They do care, they just really stink at being mind readers. They are only human, after all.

So I encourage you to talk to someone who has been good at lending an ear in the past, and pour out some of your troubles to them. You don`t have to dredge up everything that has broken your heart since the day of your birth, but you can give them a sort of summary of what`s going on. Tell them how you feel, too, if you`re up to it.

Ask them for a hug, if you need it.

Then go out and do something amazingly fun and lighthearted, because you and I both know you`ve been avoiding that sort of thing lately. Have a fancy dinner on the good china and tablecloth, just because you need a little pick me up. Have a cookie, too, if that will cheer you up. Instead of shoveling it down as you let out your worries, savor and enjoy each little lick you take of that amazing creme brulee and ratatouille. Take the time to smile over each bite, each breath of fresh air, each second spent enjoying your chosen have fun activity.

Then let it go.

It will leave a mark on you, perhaps, that this event ever took place, but I think it`s past time you decided to live in the here and now, and stop wasting your energy worrying about the actions of others, and the events that befall humanity. You`ll just go insane that way.

I know this is an oddly melancholy post for me, but I felt it was necessary today. Someone really needed to hear this. No clue who, I just know I was drawn to share my advice on the subject. Feel free to share in the comments if that will speed your healing process, but I think right now it is actually more important that you go find that loving ear and pour out some of your troubles. Don`t worry, tomorrow I`ll have a fun post that is befitting your newly cheerful state!


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