Quick Note: Some Site Changes

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First and foremost, I am so sorry to all of you lovely readers who have left posts I only just approved! Funnily enough, all of the real comments got caught in the spam net, and all of the spam was let through as real comments! I`m so very sorry all of you lovely readers have been left out in the cold and dark world were I didn`t respond to your lovely comments. I promise to change! I actually need to go to sleep soon, as I have a long day of classes ahead of me tomorrow (8:00-7:30 pm!) so I need to squeeze in some shut eye before that. I just couldn`t, in all consciousness, go to sleep before letting you all know how sorry I am! I`ve learned my lesson: always scroll through spam.

On a side note, I`ve revamped a few features of the blog. I`ve added some new widgets to the side bar (in case you didn`t notice). I`ve also added some more information, and better layout, to my about page. Feel free to scroll through!

I`ve also added a Gravatar account, as detailed and linked to on the about page.

As that self same about page hints, I`ve got a Pinterest account work in progress. I`m trying to add a few more picture before I reveal it to the public. I don`t want to share junky work with you guys!

There should be a link to follow my blog through email in the widgets on the right toolbar. This is different from the share by email button at the bottom of every post: instead of just sharing one post with a friend, you can get updates for each new post I publish through your inbox.

As always, I still posted something for today, and I`ve got a post in the works that I`ll share with you tomorrow. Looks like I`m well on the way to sharing a post every day, a New Year`s resolution that didn`t make it into the post on that subject. (It wasn`t related to what the rest of the resolutions were, so it really didn`t belong.)

I love having these posts where I am just being straight up with you about what`s going on. I think it helps me connect with you a little better too, as it proves I`m not a slightly intimidating professional blogger!

What would you like me to post, or talk about? What changes could you think up for my blog? Which social media do you really want to connect with? Your feedback really shapes what I do!

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  1. I have noticed I was on the fifth page of results on Google, but I`m actually really excited that I`m that close to the surface of the pile! Many other blogs that are as new as mine are much closer to ten or even twenty pages along. I am really impressed by how many dedicated subscribers and day to day drop ins I`ve gained in less than a month, so I don`t think I`ll worry much until at least the end of January. I also know that my page views are a little low because I can`t put up any pictures taken by me yet, and this greatly affects how interesting my posts are as well. Thank you for your concern in general, but right now I`m pretty happy how many readers I have without such drastic measures as a dedicated marketing company`s help. I`m actually quite happy as I am!

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