Star Studded Eyes, bags, shoes, and world

Everything is Now Studded. I like the post. I think that there is way too much studding going on too! Even if you do cave into the need to buy a ton of trend pieces, you should still remember a big rule of good taste among studs: less is more! Studs are definitely meant to be accent pieces, not the whole design. SimplySarie has a whole post on overstudded items, making me think that I may have support on this one. More studs, or less is more: Where do you stand?

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4 thoughts on “Star Studded Eyes, bags, shoes, and world

  1. Less is more definitely. But if you want to go all out to have what is trending focus on quantity than quality so that you can really rock the look and easily move on from it. Some items are over studded and that reduces its possible use on serious occassions like corporate events.

    • Well, I`m not sure I`d ever wear studding of any kind to a corporate event, but I see what you mean. If you are going to invest in a trend, you might as well put the minimum amount of dollars in. I`ll confess, I probably would never actually buy the Yves st. Lauren bag I showed, I just thought it was a proper blogger kind of thing. Next time I`ll look harder for a more affordable version, promise! 🙂

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