Glasses are The Window into The Fashion Soul

I love Glasses

It bothers me, all of the people who wear their glasses in secret. Usually they just wear contacts, and it compeltely thows me off the few times they show up in glasses. It really bothers me, though, when people literally switch between contacts and glasses every day. If I took a facial recognition test, I`d be in the lowest percentile, as I can`t recognize people I`ve known for a decade if they`ve cut their hair or something. I`m pretty terrible with names too, so I just smile and try to think of everyone as my friend. This way, more often than not it turns out they really are my friend, and even if I later find out they weren`t, then I`ve just made a new friend anyways!

But people who are always using contacts still bother me a little bit. It seems disloyal, like you are disowning all of your fellow less than 20/20 vision peers. It`s like deserting to the enemy! I mean, wearing them with non-prescription sunglasses on top, or using them while playing sports, makes a ton of sense. I`d do it too if I didn`t have the world`s best blink reflex. It makes putting in contacts such a chore the few times a year I bother. But I still faintly resent regular contacts users.

Don`t even get me started on people who get laser surgery.

Glasses have made a sweeping debut through the fashion world. Now seen on all kinds of fashionistas, besides the predictable hipsters. It was really bound to happen. We`ve treasured sunglasses from Coach and Prada since the sixties, and the time has come for the world to realize glasses are not all that different from sunglasses.

Technology and Fashion have crossed Each other`s paths

Even more surprising, Silicon Valley has picked up on the trend. Google has developed ‘smart glasses’ that show “enhanced reality,” according to the official Google statement on the product. Google Glass may finally make a GPS that overlays colored arrows on the actual road in front of you possible! I`m so glad that some people listen to my ideas. 🙂

google Glass

I`ve got to admit, I`m pretty shocked to see technology and fashion behaving so chummy at Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection show. Yeah, companies like apple have tried to capture the market`s interest with the streamlined look of their products as well as the stuff it can actually do. But that was just marketing. I`m not really sure what to do now that my long term crush has hooked up with my nemesis. Pretty ironic that I`m writing this on a technology dependent blog, isn`t it? I`ll admit, I`m still pretty shocked I understand how to use this. And how to use my tablet. I think it`s a matter of of mind over matter, being that I care about this, but don`t really want to bother debugging my computer myself.

Point is that I love fashion, and this is putting me a little off balance.

My Conversion to Lovin` Them Lenses

But one thing I`m very comfortable with is the fashion for glasses. I didn`t always think they were fabulous, though. I remember that I got my first pair of glasses in first grade, and I was too nervous about making the right choice to pick any pair out. In the end, my Mom helped me, and I ended up being horribly embarrassed by how they looked. After that year, I never touched another pair. Well, that is, until I couldn`t do my Math anymore in seventh grade. I think it was the advent of numbers pretending to be letters, but the blindness didn`t really help the cause. So I bought a pair. They were fabulously blue, and were on a flexible frame that was super cool and fashionable. Six pairs of glasses later, I really want a pair in each color.

Right now I only have a pair of cat`s eyes in black and neon orange, with sparkles, of course!, and my favorite aviators that are a weird silver/navy combo. With my dark green trench coat on and a fabulously tied scarf, I feel like a fabulous young urbanite. I have a pair of beautiful red frames with an intriguing leaf or star dot pattern on the sides, but I sadly haven`t had new lenses put in them yet. Working on it!

I also love that glasses give me a unique perspective of the world. You`ve never really experienced the beauty of night lights if you`ve never taken your glasses of and seen the slight fuzziness of it. Just like the movies slightly blur things to make them feel a bit dreamier, the whole world is a source of awe and wonder when you take some of the starkness of clear vision out of it. Don`t get me wrong, I love how practical and pretty my glasses are. I love the flexibility of being able to take them on and off at will, thus determining whether the moment is for dreams or clarity.

Five Precious Pairs

Some Glasses I Love

I just don`t understand how other people don`t have this same romance with their shades. It`s like you can slip on a new character with each pair, and they are the ultimate fashion accessory!

Subtly fabulous and lightly bejeweled, I love these gold frames. I think they are ready for a ball!

Subtly fabulous and lightly bejeweled, I love these gold frames. I think they are ready for a ball!

Some glasses are ready to go to a nice formal dinner. They want to mingle with silk and satins, and they are best friends with diamond drop earrings. Some glasses are a little more risque, though. They want to go to a party, all right. The kind of party that literally parts the neighborhood`s sound waves and confuses the nocturnal animals with so many strobe lights, you`d think morning was arriving. I like that these are faintly retro and cat`s eye, but they don`t make you think of a stodgy old librarian.

These glasses are ready for some crazy party times.

These glasses are ready for some crazy party times.

I promise I`m not tricking you by including glasses that aren`t prescription. You can actually take and glasses that have a frame and send them off to get new lenses put in, and you can of course choose to have those new lenses match your prescription. I have no clue if the frame is particularly strong, so in the end you may not choose this particular pair. It is just the idea that is important here: you can go crazy with color in your glasses! I`m so glad of all these bonuses fashion keeps throwing our way 🙂

Some glasses want to be a little different. But they don`t really want to have the air of special occasion, one night stand affairs. They want to hang out with you every day. They want to make your parents think that you study hard, your friends think you look gorgeous, and that cute boy think that you look pretty awesome too. Actually, my main goal is to make me think I look pretty awesome. Considering how impressed I am with these, I think I`ve succeeded!

I`m drooling over these glasses!

I`m drooling over these glasses!

I`m drooling over these hand made bamboo glasses! They even put your prescription in for you, even though it`s handmade and on etsy. A little surprising, but such a bonus! Honestly, I would have gone for them even if I had to put the lenses in using a separate company. I love them, and I really want a pair! Once I`ve paid for Katsucon, my Spring Break trip, college tuition and expenses, and put some extra money into savings… who am I kidding, I`m barely scraping the money up for my first two expenses! But someday, I`m going to get myself a pair. Heck, after I finish my Summer job, I`m jumping for these. They are amazing. Is no one else gushing here? This is totally gush worthy.

It gets two paragraphs, because that`s how amazing this is.

A little thicker than the average prescription version of aviators. That`s what makes it so awesome!

A little thicker than the average prescription version of aviators. That`s what makes it so awesome!

I couldn`t find a pair of glasses that really emit the same spirit and energy as my own beloved pair. And, as I`ve mentioned before, Phyliss is off line until her supplies are shipped to me. Boo-hoo! But, in the meantime, these are pretty fantabulous (I`ve run out of gushing words, since I do it so often :D), if I do say so myself. The hint of squaring  on the shape of the lenses helps ground this on a circle shaped face, and the hint of circular-ness (round, or even roundness, is too plain a description!)  helps them soften a square face. This is actually a pretty talented pair of glasses! Because of this, they would also work on slightly confusing face shapes, like me. I happen to be half way between a round and a heart shaped face, so multi-tasking shapes like those on these glasses are really a dream!

I`ll admit it: I usually hate the goggle shape. Mainly because it seems to hate me. But these look pretty cool, despite all of my misgivings.

Did you know there were blogs for glasses fans? I know I was surprised!

Did you know there were blogs for glasses fans? I know I was surprised!

I think these would look much better with clear lenses. I happen to prefer clear lenses anyways, just for practicality; but you can always choose to contradict me. That`s free will at its finest, you know.

This looks a tad bit scary.

This looks a tad bit scary.

I don`t like the picture of the model wearing them, though. I think these glasses need a lot of hair to balance them out, and softer cheekbones. The combination looked a little sinister to me, if I`m being 100% honest with you. And my goal is honesty, especially for you folks 🙂 I just had an idea- this is secretly a guy dressed up in steam punk! We can`t tell, because this is really a head shot, but there are goggles and a trench coat hiding somewhere around here. It would be too perfect!

I like glasses. A lot. What about you? A fan, or a foe of being a four eyes? I`ve honestly never been teased about my glasses, and have in fact only received compliments. What`s your experiences with glasses been like?


7 thoughts on “Glasses are The Window into The Fashion Soul

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  2. Okay I’m giving you a high five, gigantic hug…whatever for posting this. As an optometrist(and a wanna-be fashionista), this is very near and dear to my heart!! I did have LASIK a few years back(because I was so nearsighted), but now I wear glasses just for fashion and to “model”/be a walking advertisement at work.

    • Well, I can understand doing lasik if you are super near sighted. My family usually has that problem, as my glass lenses would be half an inch thick if I didn`t get the special thin lenses! But it does annoy me, somewhat, when I see people obsessing so much over ‘hiding their deformity’ when they have very mild vision problems, and the right to wear real glasses for fashion!

  3. I just got a new pair of reading glasses and I adore them to the point that I’m wearing them all the time (even though I don’t need to). I find it interesting how I can look quite different (and people perceive me differently) when I’m wearing my glasses opposed to when I’m not. Nice post!

    • I love glasses so much! Can you tell? I do wear them instead of contacts because people think I`m smart and nice when I wear them, and I can do really crazy eye make up without looking weird. Glad you liked it!

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