The Silver Years of Hollywood: We Love Graceful Ageing

Dear Z,

Ive been reading a lot about some new anti aging trends. The most noticeable was some articles Ive been reading about Suzanne Somers flirting with hGH, and Ill admit I`m a little curious. To give me a more balanced perspective, could you brainstorm some of the pros of aging?


First off, I think you should be cautious about the use of hGH, also known as human growth hormone. Many doctors and scientists have pointed to a plethora of improper hGH use leading to many ailments, including cancer. (Which the famous Somers, incidentally, has!) The FDA has only made it legal to prescribe hGH for dwarfism in children, AIDS wasting syndrome, or an extremely rare condition of hGH deficiency, which is less common than lightning striking you twice. (Though, on a side note, those who have been struck by lightning and lived consider being hit again the norm, as your electrons have altered in such a way that lightning finds you more appealing than just about anything else. Just a fun fact.)

As to your question about some pluses of age, you can always look at the old stalwarts of wisdom and experience. Youve got to admit, when your rheumatism is calm, retirement is pretty awesome. Who doesnt love a good cruise? But, dont look to me for all the answers. I am, after all, a fresh faced college student, and am not to be trusted on such serious problems. So of course Im going to recommend that we look to Hollywood for answers instead!gandalf

Ive been hearing a lot lately about <span style="text-decoration:underline;">The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey,</span> and spending my last week of break with a Harry Potter marathon. Along with the movie salad (we talked about this oddity, remember? In <span style="color:#800080;"><a href="">this</a></span> post?) Ive had a few obligatory jelly beans. I feel like I really have access to Berties every flavor beans, but without the spinach or booger flavored ones. Incidentally, you can buy an official muggle version of Bertie Bots beans here. They do include the gross flavors, so watch out!

While we both may like the munchies movies bring, I also like the actual movies. Im a huge Gandalf fan, and Ill always love Dumbledore, no matter what connections he had to dark wizards such as Grindelwald. (I`ve also been rereading the books, so some stuff I mention may not be recognized by movie only readers. For shame for not reading the books before watching the movies!)

The thing about Gandalf and Dumbledore is that everyone loves them, if we`re being fully honest. Wise old men that are always comforting to us because they always have advice and a helping hand. I think we need more of that in real life.

Its pretty shocking how popular these characters are, wrinkles and all, when we usually encourage the world to go to great lengths to hide their years of experience and banks of knowledge. In a world where many girls get plastic surgery for their sweet sixteen and botox for their thirtieth birthday, it is pretty surprising we have any love available for those who dont follow the standards of perfection. But its true! We have managed to love some characters and actors beyond their twenties, maybe even because they arent what we expect.

Ive got my top five list right here of our favorite ‘unexpectedly wonderful’ actors, actresses, and characters right here.
<li><span style="color:#99cc00;"><strong>Gandalf</strong></span></li>
<li><span style="color:#99cc00;"><strong>Dumbledore</strong></span></li>
<li><span style="color:#99cc00;"><strong>Betty White</strong></span></li>
<li><span style="color:#99cc00;"><strong>Mrs. Marple</strong></span></li>
<li><span style="color:#99cc00;"><strong>Dick Van Dyke<i></i><i>
Why do we love them so much? I have an answer for you. A shockingly non-paragraph form answer for you. Can you handle non linear essay formatting? Can you appreciate my non-conformist work? Let
s see! (Im such a scandalous writer :D)
<p align="center"><strong><span style="color:#32d760;">Gandalf our hero</span></strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong><span style="color:#32d760;">Is wise and much sought,</span></strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong><span style="color:#32d760;">He has all the answers</span></strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong><span style="color:#32d760;">In Tolkein
s plots.

Dumbledore has many secrets

But reveals a lot,

He made a grand plan

So Voldemort could be stopped.

Betty White we all love,

Though we may question our taste,

Her characters are obscene,

Her jokes are outrageous!

Mrs. Marple we love,

There`s no reason for it;

She simple is more fun

Than stuffy old Poirot.

(pronounce his name

The English way!)

Dick Van Dyke`s our favorite actor

even at 87 years of age,

we loved him with Mary Poppins,

He graced New York`s hallowed stage.

Even at his golden years,

Dick is all the rage!

I thought that was pretty well done, if I do say so myself. I just love the freedom I have here of writing things the ‘wrong way’, and combining writing styles that shouldnt be combined. Love it! Speaking of, what do you love about being fabulously full of life (unlike those young Spring chickens, like this blog writer)? What are the bonuses of being beyond your fifties? And can anyone answer those questions who is reading this blog, and other blogs, and regularly using the internet and computer? I always get a little shocked when I hear about another elderly aunt of grandparent type figure in my life who doesnt use a computer. I guess its a sign of my era, but besides the fun of the internet, how can they connect with their relatives without at least using email? Or even texting, and using cell phones in general? I know my Dad is sixty, so he technically counts, but he got his computer degree when they still used punch cards. Does anyone reading this remember those, or even know what a punch card is?
<h3 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:#339966;">Good Health Will Keep you Going Strong</span></h3>
<span style="color:#34cbad;">Of course, part of graceful aging starts with good health. I
ve got you covered there with quite a few topics, from an easy immersion plan to get healthy by the end of the year (and not give up hope before then) to ways to improve a bathing routine. It is wonderful to proudly show of the laughter and wisdom of the years, but the dandruff and flaking skin dont really do you any good. Ive got some easy ideas to expand your retirement savings (to leave time to enjoy life and the sun before you are confined to the wheelchair- which, lets be honest, wont happen to a fabulous young person like you until you are 130!) and some lovely salad does good for all ages.

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