The Great Network of Zambinis

How come no one told me I was so famous?

A search through the  interwebs reveals that my name covers a lot of ground. There`s the book, “Hee Haw Dini and the great Zambini“, which I`m assuming by the cute cover is a young children`s book. There`s a film by my name, “The Great Zambini,” which seems to be an independant film and was featured in the River Run Film Festival. It is my understanding that the movie is about a father who tries to make his son proud of him, despite the fact that he is a short man. I`m not really sure why that is so embarrassing, but I suppose I can`t speak because I`m not.

Google is in on it too! Remember my post the other day? Like I said then, I know that they have a zamboni, not a zambini, going. But still, I think it shows intent to publicize me. They really do care. <3

Actually, I measure up to 5’8″-5’10”, I can`t give you a definite because it weirdly changes each visit to the doctor`s. I really don`t think I could have shrunken that much when my shoes were off all those times, so I just give a height range to leave room for the possibilities. Some how nobody can measure me correctly. Actually, I apparently look even shorter than all of that! When somebody brags about how tall they are at 5’7″ and I mention I`m taller, they don`t believe me! I`ve heard being skinny makes you look a lot taller, and I`ve decided it`s true (because, you know, I`m more comfortably sized than skinny.) If it makes the world feel any better, I am the third shortest person in my family.

But my height isn`t the point. The point is, I seem to be part of the Great Network of Zambinis. What if there are hundreds of magicians and magician fictional characters running around? What if I am just a drop in the bucket of awesome? And, even greater than that is the hundreds of Zambonis running around! I`m just one Zambini among a million. What a depressing thought.

All of the inter-connected Zambinis!

All of the inter-connected Zambinis!

The Great Network of Zambinis

But Wait. There`s more.

What if that means we can team up? Have group picnics and Network meetings? I`d like to have a meeting with a cartoon. It could be fun.

No, wait! I have a better idea! What if I actually do those cartoons I`d planned on making, with the apparently already wildly popular character Zambini as the star?

The thing about all of my artistic plans is that they are, well, artistic. They seems to be part of a mysterious section of society, artists. May be the most dreaded word on the planet. Memberships to all kinds of weird groups just seem to be popping up lately! I don`t know about other artistic types, but I have to surround myself with ideas and inspiration to really get the juices flowing. I also have to record all of my ideas, because creating art and thinking up possibilities often happens on different days. Like this blog: I`ll leave a short sentence or two as an ‘idea draft’, and then actually write the post the day it is scheduled. That, or sometimes I write a post the day before, but I think the main idea still applies. I do the same with my studio art. I have a long list of projects I`ve thought of doing before, and I`ll always add more whenever I think of something new. I never really run out of ideas, I just never have time to execute everything! I think the projects I have done recently that I`m rather proud of are my elephant glasses holder and my lion mask. I guess I`m just really into paper mache this month!

Artists Among Us

What`s really been inspiring my work lately, however, is all the cool visitors I`ve been getting! I can only really tell who dropped by if they leave a comment or like something on Facebook, and the people I`ve seen so far do some really amazing writing and art! Jennifer Olivarez`s blog, squirrel picnic, is covered in adorable crocheted animals; the blog 400 Days Till 40 seems to be a general Mom blog, and has a recent article about making chores fun that I actually found fun itself! Trista DiGiuseppi is an awesome writer that shares chapters from books and some fun random short stories on her blog, and movie reviews for every movie I`ve ever heard of at Wonderful Cinema. These are all such amazing people that put their wonderful work on the web (you have to love alliteration!), and I`m honored they like some of my stuff as well! Stay tuned for my future posts, as I seem to have a few links to awesome blogs in each one. I just can`t run out of inspiration in the internet! (yep, that`s even more alliteration. You can thank me by putting up your own awesome examples of alliteration or other literary devices on your blog and leaving a link for me to follow in the comments below!)

This post isn`t particularly important, nor is it very informative. I just found the fact that I`m so wildly popular without being aware of it rather amusing. Though I think all the blogs I recommend are interesting and important!

So, rather than any specific questions, I wonder: what`s been amusing you this week?


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