Amazing Household Tricks

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

I was scrolling through my reader when I stumbled upon these amazing ideas! Of course, they are now all third hand, as the post I saw wasn`t the original instance of these ideas either, but this is still pretty awesome! Such nifty ideas for reusing basic items in a useful way.

A bottle scoop!

A bottle scoop!

I love the jug scoop. That is a pretty amazing jug scoop. Rather hysterical writing, but anything can be forgiven if presenting such awesome ideas!

There`s a trick for unfogging a headlight, opening those pesky plastic packaging, extending the life and uses of flip flops and panty hose, and a beach keeper. Clever stuff, really!

That is a huge lesson to learn when you are trying to save money or get work done in a pinch. There are many things lying around your house, and all it takes is a little imgaination and ingenuity to lay seige to the waste pile, as well as laying by some cold hard cash you didn`t spend on buying any of these things. It is all about reusing, reducing, and recycling money all the way to the bank. 🙂

But That`s Not All!

No, because today only I`ve posted three whole separate posts. That`s right, three! Count `em here: Linking Update, Variety Posts, and (best of all)  The Great Network of Zambinis, which also has some quick links to a few of my favorite reader`s blogs near the bottom. Well, actually, all of my readers are my favorite readers. These were just the first few who looked at my blog, (ever!), and I of course really appreciate that, and I thought you might too!

What nifty ideas do you have or have you found for reusing old junk?


5 thoughts on “Amazing Household Tricks

  1. I’m liking what I’m seeing on your blog, I’m so glad you commented on mine so I could run into yours! Who know a milk carton could have so many uses? I don’t think I’ll be carving out a scoop soon (since I already have a real one), but I know what to do in case lots of people decide to show up to my house willing to sweep my floors (; Thanks for sharing!!


    • Well, I`ll admit I haven`t actually used any of the ideas yet, but it is always good to have some bright thoughts floating around in the back of one`s head! I liked what I saw on your blog as well, there was a lot of solid posts AND fashion ideas. Who knew you could combine both? 😉

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