Firmly in the future, present, and past

We are movement.

This is the essence of humanity.

We look back with longing or spite.

We only remember one part of the past,

The good or the terrible

Or the extra work they had

Or how easy it must have been.

We only think

of the good progress brings,

Or the utter destruction

and the end of life.

What attention can we spare

For the present

If we only face our eyes

Forward or back

And we trip,

As we never glance at the world

our feet walk on now

for our eyes are ever busy

with forward or back.

Great thinkers

Wise beyond us

We consider those who

 are ever stuck in some other time,

representing or reinventing.

But they fall in their thinking

for great thoughts are important

but what use are they if they are lost before or after

the people it would be useful to

are gone and lost.

My fellow people,

What we must do

is prevent wrongs before they happen,

Change for the better,

Remember those values

which have led us good and true

and change the wrongs of the future

prevent repeats of those in the past.

And keep your eyes firmly helpful in the future,


and past.

Would you say you are always struggling with living in the present, or do you live each moment in the here and now? Feel free to share any thoughts this brings to you!


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