Shade of Nazis

I know that I just wrote a tribute post for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday. But I was scrolling through the key word “History” in the WordPress reader, and I found this really cool post. Hans Massaquoi, who would one day be the chief editor at Ebony. He may best be known, nowadays, for his unique view point in Destined To Witness, an account on life as a biracial child in Nazi Germany.

You may not be aware of this, but my grandparents were actually migrants to America at the start of Nazi reign, smuggled out of the country when their parents became concerned by the rise of the fascists. My great grandparents spent the rest of their lives pretending that they had never seen Germany, and hoping no one would ever call their bluff.

Pretty ironic that my Mother went on to study German in high school!

Anyways, this is a sort of tribute to those under oppression, and the innocent who unthinkingly witness it. I always pray for all of you, though I do know your names, nor understand your pain.


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