Guy`s Night out Always Leads to Girl Talk

I love guy`s night out. I love going to watch some action movie, oohing and awing over the awesome explosions, high-fiving each other after each particularly spectacular fight sequence.

Best movie I watched with the guys last year- though the girls loved it too. I think it was mainly for different reasons though!

Best movie I watched with the guys last year- though the girls loved it too. I think it was mainly for different reasons though!

Sure, I like girl`s nights out too, where we get to see chick flicks and eat ice cream afterwards, but guy`s night has a special place in my heart. Just like my special friends that invite me into their normally male only world.!

I love guy`s night out!

But sometimes, sandwiched between stupid jokes and rare risque allusions, the funny topic of girls come up. Sometimes I am included into the conversation as a reliable fount of advice. After all, like my dear friend S. said the first time I straightened my hair, “Wow! You`re a girl!” Yes. Yes I am. But I`m not sure that makes me qualified to explain them.

You see, the thing about girls is, they aren`t all the same. So while I may understand my own friends and family of the female persuasion, I may draw a complete blank about some others. Like high heel wearing women. I wear them, sure- maybe two whole times a year. I will never understand why tall girls feel that they, too, need to wear heels everyday- it seems silly. I don`t think heels look pretty, just painful. And while I may have some understanding for the logic of petite women, like dormgirl, wearing heels, they still seem like silly torture devices. (Though all the cute designs seem to only be made for heels! So hard to get nice 2′ wedges that have a cute design.)

Your Girl isn`t Exactly Sweet and Lovable…

There are other, more important things I may not understand about that cute girl you like.  Sometimes, though you may not want to hear it, I also don`t understand why you like her. I mean, you`d never dream of inviting her to guy night, or to hang out with the whole gang (of both genders). She`s too silly for that, and I`m not sure she`d get any of our Monty Python and Dr.Who references. Though I generally disapprove of both, I of course know about them! Gasp! She may not even understand the importance of super heroes or manga! I can`t understand her, well, because… It`s not that she`s a real sweetheart, or smart about some other interesting topics. You know that I try to look for the best in people, but I`m getting pretty distracted by how vicious she is to your friends. Well, that includes me, but I mainly care about how mean she is to L. You and I both know L is rather delicate.

So, I am unable to offer any advice on her, except that maybe you should break up. People shouldn`t go through a relationship expecting to ‘fix’ the other person, as that only ends in heartbreak and defeat. Believe me, I have personal experience!

What do Girls Like [In a Guy]?

I`d be glad to give you advice on other girls though! I`ve got a few good rules of thumb that you can build off of right here:

  • Girls like genuineness. The majority actually prefer it if you are a bit awkward about asking her out and really honest about who you actually are. You don`t need to make yourself sound especially terrible, but don`t pretend to be the greatest thing on earth. That is usually pretty annoying.
    • That means you shouldn`t have a gang of buddies to back you up when you ask a girl out. That looks like a prank, and that will make her dislike you.
  • It`s the thought that counts. A girl wants to know you pay attention when she`s talking, and you pick out a present that shows some thought. (But if you have no clue, she probably likes bath stuff. Just, you know, to shake it up from the chocolate.) If she mentions something she wants, just write it down right then. At least then you might remember it come her birthday!
  • Show that you care. If you do the dishes, let her know that means “I love you“. If she says the words out loud to you all the time, chances are that is how she understands “I love you”. Read the five love languages if you don`t get what I`m saying.

Of course, you should probably put this into perspective. To let other readers know, I am in college, and I`m giving you the same advice I`d give my friends. It might have nothing to do with girls in Middle or High school, and I`m pretty sure it has a lot less to do with women. Because regardless of my legal standing, I still don`t consider myself an adult.

I`m not quite sure what else there is to say. What advice would you give to my friend, or on girls in general for my male readers? What`s the next problem you want me to put into my advice column? You can send me your questions or suggestions through Twitter, as I`m pretty sure it would be private that way.


2 thoughts on “Guy`s Night out Always Leads to Girl Talk

  1. No No… the great thing about your girl advice is that it hits every age group 🙂 Kudos on the love language reference! I haven’t read it, but Frank has. Hope your weekend is well.

    • Well, that makes me feel better! I do love the book, it really helps explain the whys of people. I happen to have caught the terrible flu going around, but it`s early stages yet, so my umcka might head off the full force… hope your weekend is better than mine!

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