I Flew All The Way There

How Did I end up In This Mess?

I`ve managed to catch it. In an instant of extreme weakness, hunger, and the evil of a car which traps the smells of foodstuffs, I ate some cookies a nice family friend whipped up for us. Unfortunately, being rather a dear but not really aware of the intricacies of diet or present giving, he`s been giving poisonous gluten-full gifts for the last two years. I really can`t stand to gainsay him, as it`s something he works so hard on to do just like his wife used to. She only died last year, so I don`t want to sever the few connections he has left to her.

The caving in and gobbling of such a treat is all my fault, of course. I present youth, hunger, and a certain sense of boredom in my defense. I always feel a little bored and dejected right after a socializing event, as if all the fun breezes out with departing guests. Well, boredom isn`t really a good excuse, but it does tend to leave me open to more daring acts then I`d usually do.

I Caught The Flu. Question is, Why was I Running Towards It?

Which is how I caught the sniffles.

Well, to be honest, I sort of had them before. I`ve known I was a trifle under the weather for the past few weeks. It really wasn`t worth any concern, though. I`d wake up in the morning, use a tissue or two, and be breathing freely and fully the rest of the day. But that one lapse in judgement- well, more than one, remember me mentioning I`m like an alcoholic with gluten in this post- was too much for my poor immune system. Fighting off a nasty virus and a deluge of poison was more than my body could handle. So it [my immune system] kind of gave up.

That is why I`m chucking handfuls of used tissues in the fire. It`s amusing to see them burst into flame and crinkle all up. In my more practical moments, I reason that it is a good way to cut some of the chances of my family being infected. But I mainly do it because burning junk is fun. It`s crazy that we even need a fire, as the weather is usually rather mild here. (Yes, I`ve actually made a post about the weather. I know you are thinking that I`d be willing to blog on just about any subject, and I`m kind of scared that you may be right!) The cold actually came with snow this year, though, so I really have  nothing to complain about in the actions of the clouds.

Some Remedies I`m Utilizing

So now I can look forward to a rather steady stream of ‘vampire soup’. Have I mentioned I hate vampire soup before? It`s gross.  It`s boring. Most disgustingly of all, it does it`s job and makes me feel better every time. What that means is that I can`t, in all consciousness, chuck it down the sink while the worried mother hen of mine looks the other way. At least I get someone to fuss over me. It drives me insane when I`m stuck sick at home, but there are no humans there. I think I am capable of getting cabin fever in a day, which is really quite remarkable. What`s astonishing, however, is that it takes the same amount of time for me to be exhausted by socializing! We ambiverts (yes, internet spell-check says this word is a lie, no, it isn`t always correct. Go look up the word here) are really just hard to please.

So, um, I have the flu. I`m taking lots of Sambucol and Umcka to try to stem the strength of the beast, but I`m not so sure I really succeeded. (I prefer tablet varieties for both, as I find the syrups too sweet and sticky. I happen to hate medicinal syrups in general, though, so you be the judge. I also prefer Umcka in berry, as I think the minty one has a weird after taste.) Hopefully I will feel much better, very soon. Until then, I don`t think I`ll be as responsible about keeping up with comments and links on new posts. I`ll still try to answer everything within a day, though, so keep sending comments!

I don`t have any questions, but… Feel free to leave any get well wishes in the comments! Just seeing a comment really perks up my day 🙂


6 thoughts on “I Flew All The Way There

  1. I know this is weird, but supposedly placing an onion in your bedroom while resting in bed can help, studies show the onion actually absorbs the sickness out of the body (I saw a television special on it but there are articles all over the internet on it!). I hope you feel better!!


    • I’ve heard about that. Foods that make you cry, like onions and hot peppers, are apparently decongestants. I’ve used hot pepper sprays, but never onions, so now I have something new to try! Thanks for the advive and well wishes.

      • Thanks, and same to you! Though I don’t think the onion is meant to decongest…it actually just absorbs the sickness out. Not sure how that works, but let me know how it works out if you try it!

      • It`s been working well. Well, I actually have been chopping up garlic and onion and hot peppers and sticking the lot in hot chicken broth, but it has been helping. And there are a few onions out on my counter, so that could be helping too. I HAVE been getting better much faster than I could have hoped!

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