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Let`s Recap January, Shall we?

from hedgeco.net

from hedgeco.net

Ive been promising certain posts for quite a while, and Ive put this  one at least on the back burner for at least a week. I guess the extra step of hooking up my camera is what kept it from happening! But, in the meantime, I have now posted most of what I promised in this preview post. I put up the five ways to make art out of cardbard in the post The Distance Between Us, and made a how to for a cardboard framed  mirror in this post. I also revealed my New Years resolutions. I say plural, because we explored my <a href="http://thegreatzambini.blog/2013/01/08/talons-of-zteel-or-steel-if-you-are-into-the-whole-letter-s-trend/"><span style="color:#ff0000;">nail resolutions</span></a> as well as my <a href="http://thegreatzambini.blog/2013/01/09/new-year-challenge-accepted/"><span style="color:#ff0000;">health resolutions</span></a>. In the end, I deleted the second game theme post, as I have so many post ideas I really dont need to hold onto drafts of posts no one would read once finished. I havent finished my chinese lantern tutorials, mainly because I couldnt bear to paint the few that I currently have. Though I paid for my Katsucon ticket already, Im still saving up for Spring break. I now also have to save for my Summer break, as I am going to be a camp counselor. Naturally, Im paid for the position, but I still have to rustle up the funds to fly there. Im so excited, as camp takes place in Hawaii! Yes, you heard right- Im getting paid to work in Hawaii! I am just so blessed 🙂

I shared part of my gluten free petit fours adventure with you. I have not walked through the making of them yet, which is kind of a rip off on my part. Im working on it, Im working on it! Gosh, I didn`t expect a Spanish Inquisition! (Monty Python quote- they are just so quoteable!)

You can also look back through this month and see many of my promised “plans for the future” fulfilled there, as seen in that little widget in the sidebar to the right.

And as for our romantic star crossed lovers, also mentioned in “I was off on a Zafari“?

I have some more plans for the future, but I`m going to leave you with this. Honestly, IImage`m not going to get this all done today. I`ll try, but I`m not superhuman. And Jim just isn`t as good an associate as Phyliss. He doesn`t get me like she does! And with that barely comprehensible extended personification of cameras of all things, I bid you adieu. And farewell. And audvitersay nigou, but I know that was spelled horribly wrong. The problem with including foreign words- I think it is Austrian, judging by the fact that supposedly Austrian children were singing it in The Sound Of Music- is that spell check has no decent suggestions. Except for basics like hola- wait, never mind, spell check doesn`t know any Spanish at all. (or even English contractions most of the time!) Sad, really. Someone needs to send this poor technology to a foreign language course at a college so it can earn some polish and knowledge. How else can it impress its ladylove Photoshop. He loves her, see, because she is the artistic sensitive type, that always puts others in a positive light. So romantic, no?

Spell check did learn some foreign words. He can only remember them when he is at home on word processing programs, and not the internet. He is a homebody like that. But now he can impress his lady love with a few choice words. They have joined forces now, and have been seen working away on artist tablets like Bamboo.

Phyliss, fortunately, has been teamed up with a new boyfriend/usb cord/battery/ charger. They are very happy together, and gladly do all the work I ask of them. Its actually pretty scary that Phyliss went from being single to having a horde of boys in her life. I guess thats part of the adventure of being a modern camera. Id post a picture of Phyliss, but then Id have to work with the stand in camera Jim again, and he really just isnt the same.
<h3 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:#00ff00;">Some Things to Look For in February</span></h3>
My biggest plan for February is to bring some more order to my posting schedule. I want you to be able to go through a month
s archives on my blog and think ‘Wow, this looks just like the table of contents out of a really interesting magazine’. Thats because I kind of want this to be my own spin on an amazing magazine! Except you wont have to be all impatient and groaning because the next issue doesnt come for another month. Just like all of January, I will continue to publish a full post every day, because that is part of the trust system between us! If I were to only have posted three times this past month, you wouldnt really look in here at all, would you? So to keep your trust and readership, I will continue daily posting. You`re important to me like that 🙂

But there are a few other things coming up! Well, besides just a continuation of what already is, I mean. Theres a few pretty exciting posts in store for you! Do you want me to reel off a list of the few I am most likely to actually finish writing and post? Yes? Well, then, I live to serve. Here it goes, ladies and gents:
<li>An actual tutorial (not just a theory piece) on making <strong><span style="color:#ff9900;">GF petit fours!</span></strong></li>
<li><strong><span style="color:#ff9900;">Robin Hood Style</span></strong></li>
<li><strong><span style="color:#ff9900;">How to Study</span></strong></li>
<li><strong><span style="color:#ff9900;">Teacher Bullies</span></strong></li>
<li>A color blocking and <strong><span style="color:#ff9900;">cutout dress</span> </strong>(mixing trends is a fun way of making them all your own!)</li>
And that
s just a taste of whats in store! Im really excited by some of these projects Im working on, and I hope youll be just as psyched when you finally get to see them!

In other news, Ive changed up my posting style a bit, so youll see a few changes. The majority of pictures I include from here on out will be taken by yours truly, but theyll also be incorporated into the writing. No more of these pictures floating all by themselves! Another change is that Ive put subheadings into most of my posts now, so you can skim through a post more easily if you are in a bit of a rush, but still want to read what I`ve got to say. Which, by the way, is just another one of the reasons I love you guys so much!

Im also finally hooking up with my Pinterest account. Ive had it for a week or two, but I wanted to build up a store of pictures that are uniquely mine. I think its pretty awesome. Considering that it isnt really well publicized, but I have more followers there than here, I think that a few people besides myself are lovinit too. Not that I dont love you guys too! People on Pinterest follow a million accounts, whereas you loyal bloggers stick to a few core blogs. I really value that you chose to follow me 🙂 I also really love all of you that have only seen my blog for the first time ever today, because I get so excited when I see all of the people that drop in throughout the day! It is also really cool to see all the countries everyone is from. Sure, I still get about half my viewers from the U.S., but there are so many other cool places you guys visit from! It makes me feel special and loved. <3

Gangnam Magazine Style

I lied. Thats right, you heard me. There is nothing Korean or gangnam about the way I am planning next months post. There is, however, a lot of the publication of magazines that is going into my planning process. Magazines, as all of you super smart and informed  readers know, plan things many months ahead. I havent gotten that far yet, I started planning out Februarys posts on January 18th, so I`m a little behind in that aspect. I guess it makes a difference that I have a lot fresher content, though!

No, what I am doing like a magazine is how Im planning things out. Im spacing articles out so that you dont have another week of fashion only posts, like the ones found about the same week I started planning this next month. You know the posts Im talking about.

Im working on covering all of those topics I love <em>equally</em>. So, basically, Ive decided I dont like the week following the same trend concept. Youve got to try things to learn from them, you know? Ive got the Louis Vuitton post, studs complaints, trending bath time, glamorous age, fashion diets, and the much more recent nails post. Still, thats a lot of girly stuff going on! So Im rededicating myself to spacing out my posts. I dont want to make you all feel bored here!

Not only am I spacing out the topics, Im putting a lot more thought into my posts. I may have mentioned it before, but I have a backlog of blog posts ideas. No, seriously, Ive got about  thirty waiting and rearing to go, not including the ones I decided to just cut.

Actually, that is a whole nother kettle of fish. Keeping that in mind, I decided to create a new "Posting Schedule" Post that will hopefully be more descriptive than the <a href="http://thegreatzambini.blog/2013/01/10/i-have-a-posting-schedule-sort-of">last one</a> I did. It helps that I have a really concrete plan of action now, where as before I was sort of just fumbling around with random ideas. The joy of experience and all that, you know. That post is being released tomorrow, which will be real fun. I know youll be excited. What am I saying? Im excited too! After all, its not everyday that you can see me planning things out this in depth. Usually I just wing it, but I wanted to make it perfect for all of you guys. <3

I Want To Hear From You!

I want to know what posts youd like to see, what changes you want made! I want to know why you visit your blog, and what things you want me to preserve. I want to know if you think that cinnamon buns are silly, or that rocks are pretty in the sun. Basically, I want to know whatever is on your mind, and the only way Ill ever be able to know that is if you actually tell me! Its actually very easy to talk to me. Theres this little white rectangle on the bottom of the page labeled ‘comments’, and that is a space dedicated to enshrining your wonderful words. Please, share what you have to say. Why continue denying the world the sound of your beautiful (written) voice?


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)