(MORE) Links Fixed

I`m sorry everyone, but I just keep having terrible problems remembering to insert links! I`ll write up a post, and include links, but never get to actually linking them up. Really frustrating, I know! Sorry `bout that. To ease your mind, I did solve this latest bit of laxness. Again, sorry I`m not really on top of the game. In my defense, I`m still sick. I guess that sounds pretty whiny, at least to myself, but I`m learning that I can`t control everything. Even when I really want to. Even when what I want more than most other things is perfect health, for just a short period of time. But we all know that isn`t going to happen. I`ve described my gluten intolerance in this post, and my most recent bout with the flu here… Basically, I`ve been sick to some degree since I was born. Darn you, immune disorders!!!

So, lesson learned: be more vigilant about posts, and always do a last minute quality check. Done. I`ll do it, too, I promise!


2 thoughts on “(MORE) Links Fixed

  1. Hi. I saw your note about themes and popped over to visit. Nice blog!

    I too would like “perfect health” for a little while, and some days, every now and again, I get a good day without pain or sickness. I wish you your healthy day!

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