The Final Countdown `till Print Date: A Real Posting Schedule

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Well, it`s not like I didn`t have a posting schedule before. No, really! I`ve been posting in a pattern the whole time. This post that I just linked you to proves it. Well, mostly. Truth be told, my schedule has been kind of crummy and chaotic for a while. In fact, it hasn`t really been a schedule as much as a few ideas and guidelines. The whole idea of a weekly posting pattern doesn`t really float my boat either, as I have waaay too many ideas to be happy with so few categories to choose from. I also am the world`s biggest fan of variety, and seven ain`t exactly what I`d call a plethora of choices, you catch my drift?

So I`m shaking things up a bit here, and servin` up the bacon. Or bringing home the bacon. Well, that would involve money, and I don`t really have any of that. Oh, and it would require eating the bacon I brought home, and I have to say I`m not a particular fan of bacon. I don`t like salty tastes, and I can`t stand too much fat, which led to extreme healthy fat deficiencies, so I have to be careful to keep some almonds or olive oil lurking around the corner at all times so I don`t let myself get too unhealthy and malnourished- which by the way is extremely different from underfed. In fact, most Northern Americans- not just U.S., but the whole continent, have been found to be malnourished, though much of that region is also overfed. Poor quality food is what we all seem to attribute it to, though I can`t help but think over farmed land also plays a part, as we seem to not believe in basic farming practices like crop rotation. The nugget of a main idea in this paragraph is that I don`t like bacon, so I`m not bringing it home. I guess I`ll just let us stick to

I`m shaking things up a bit here.

I`m going on a whole month schedule, and looking at each post like it is an article that is part of an overall monthly publication. I`m talking post variety, but I`m also talking about the crafting of these posts. I`m putting more time into each post, and putting a lot more effort into the overall creative process. I`m talking look boards, and asking friends to edit so that my grammer friends won`t freak out. You can also expect to see more photos, taken by yours truly. I`m actually also working on including some of my artwork, including fashion sketches as well as plain old pieces of art and sculpture. There will also be more Twitter updates, as I realize I`m pretty lousy at that aspect of the game. I`m also going to hook up my Pinterest account officially, as I have enough pictures that it won`t be completely embarrassing. Now that I`ve told you all about my overall site plans, let`s move on to the far more important reason you are here: the actual factual posting calendar!

  1. * Geek Life
  2. IlI Health
  3. :-: Recipe (Savory)
  4. [ ] Top Five List/Picks
  5. * Fashion
  6. [ ] Humor (a joke I make, a Youtube video, memes/character texts, comics/fanfics,etc)
  7. IlI News
  8. :-: Parties/Entertaining
  9. # Art
  10. * Sewing
  11. [ ] Reviews (blogs, products, restaurants, places, see humor, NOT books, movies-in Entertainment)
  12. :-: Gardening
  13. # Fiction (short stories, excerpts or chapters, plays, etc)
  14. * Crafty
  15. IlI Business/Economy (savings, money, tutorials, translating geek into English)
  16. :-: Nature
  17. # Poems
  18. [ ] My Opinion (sort of like the editorial section of a newspaper, or a vlog. Except, you know, in type.)
  19. * DIY (make some knock offs, follow trends, etc)
  20. IlI Science
  21. :-: Travel and Day Trips
  22. * Beauty
  23. [ ] College
  24. :-: Home Design and Repair
  25. * Fitness
  26. :-: Recipes (Sweet)
  27. * Entertainment (celebrities and famous figures, movie and book reviews)
  28. [ ] Advice Column

Things probably won`t happen on the particular day their topic is scheduled for, but that will be part of the adventure of reading it! You`ll get to see some things scrambled up, and I think that`s ok. On my long term road to growth as a blogger, you all have told me that you like the posts I come up with randomly best, and you kind of dislike the posts I spent hours plotting and planning so it would be a perfect post published on the perfect day. I get that, you like spontaneity. I really do get that, as I love being random myself! Maybe that`s why we like each other so much. <3

You may have noticed that there were weird symbols in front of each of those entries. It was totally on purpose, I promise! I decided that I wanted to make the site easy to navigate by topic, but I didn`t want it to just be those million mini topics they had to dig through. So I made these super categories! If you haven`t noticed, I tried to do this sort of thing before, labeling each different broad category with a ‘character profile’. You`ve noticed the menus at the bottom of the sidebar that say things like ‘artist’ and ‘homebody’? I felt like this was rather limiting to and demeaning of you guys. Who am I to assume which type of post each person would want to read? So I`ve reimagined that original concept of broad categories into something that has a lot more to do with the actual post subjects, and a few less assumptions about you. I actually have another list for that. I need to cut back on my lists, though, I`ve been noticing that I`ve had about a million posts in list style!

  • :-:     = Lifestyle
  • [ ]     = Editorial
  • *       = Culture
  • IlI    = Newspaper Style
  • #      = The Arts

As you can see, this is another attempt on my part to make this whole shindig feel a little more like an Indie magazine, and a lot less like something thrown together at midnight by a world weary college student. Who cares if that`s what I am, it doesn`t need to show in all of my work and leave a trail of sloppiness in its wake!

What you may not know is that there are secretly a few other scheduled posts that I didn`t put into that first list. I suppose that`s because I felt like they weren`t really subject matter, and more of a matter of technical details. But if you really want to know everything about what I`m posting (and you must to have bothered to read this whole thing!) then I guess I can tell you. It`s not exactly going to take an hour, so what`s the harm?

The actual layout of this ‘magazine’ is as follows:

-preview of the month, posted the last day of the month before it

————All of the Month`s Posts————-

-‘front page’ post, to give link you back through the last month in an orderly fashion. It also should work as a great way to get more page views on my blog! ( I thought I`d let you know that, as you deserve to know that I am occasionally a selfish and self serving beast.)

-last post of the month will be a preview of the next month`s posts, blog developments, and changes. Maybe a few updates on my life, if I deem it important enough.

And there you have it! A very honest reflection of what I`m doing, and a bit of why I`m doing it. I guess the overall reason I`m doing this, though, is that I still dream of one day owning my very own viral magazine. It would be so exciting if I might even, one day, have an actual print copy out and about! This blog, as it continues through growth spurts and platoughs through the years, will probably be a key element of that, and I wouldn`t want to ever let that change. In fact, you are probably looking at the seed that will sprout and develop into my dream magazine! I`m so excited thinking about how things will look in another decade or so. (:

What changes have you made to your life recently? What do you think of my posting schedule and proposed topics? Give me your feedback, as I always love to hear from you! You can also look at this post, which came out today. It goes more in depth into the overall changes this blog is getting for the month of February.


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