Words: A Poem of Friendship


A beautiful melody that fills the air and powers the soul.

I wish I could tell you

the very words you need to hear,

the very words you should never fear.Image


I love you,

as the bee loves the flower,

As the tree loves sweet sunlight.


we`d never find in each other

As the constant bickering

is an endless sight.


what a rare concept

for two different genders

yet it is beautiful

for us in the end.

The Poem

I love to write poetry, so I thought it would be nice to share a photo from my recent trip to Chincoteague island (famous for having a herd of wild ponies and the inspiration behind the Misty of Chincoteague books). Friendship is ever so important, and I wrote this to escape the endless assumptions I faced as a young adult  because my best friend was, and still is, a man.

The Value of Friendship

I think it’s important to remember that people can have very real and close bonds with another person without there being a romantic angle. The younger generation seems to be embracing this, but there are still many hang ups in the world that feel that the only intense feelings you can have for another person are love for a significant other. Somehow people seem to think that once you are an adult, you start to have these different levels of intensity in love.

The ancient Greeks were the first known instance in Western history to embrace the concept of having different types of love. They used 8 different varieties of love: rated X, friendship, family, ludus which is basically cutesy love, obsessive manic love, enduring love, self love, and selfless love.

Modern Psychology has accepted several forms of love as well, inspired mainly by the ancient Greek’s. In this way there is even a modern acceptance of this concept that love can come in different forms.

So why is there still this hang up that people of different genders but similar ages can only feel romantic love to each other? I’d say I have many close ties to different men in my life, and most of them are feelings of friendship or sometimes an intense sort of selfless love where I’d do almost anything for them even if they stopped being such a good person or adding to our relationship.

But it’s not romantic.

Just because the connection you have to another person is very intense, doesn’t necessarily mean you love them.

It’s just strange to me that people can understand that so easily about my friends who are women, but get all discombobulated about my friendships with men.

Have you had an intense friendship that wasn’t romantic at all before?



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