Surprise Inside! Rainbow Crackled Nails

I`ve been promising some things for about a month now. In particular, this little gem of a preview post foretold the coming of a theme week. Then, in a fit of pique, I decided to drop that project. However, I felt inspired to return to the question a few days later, on the third if we are going to be precise. This second start at the project led no where, and I know that quite a few of you have been biting your heads off in anticipation of a project that never took place. Aren`t you glad when, due to some weird quirk, (or the fact that I finally have a camera to take pictures with again, just look up the key word ‘Phyliss’ in the sidebar to follow that particular story), I finally put together the proper tutorial for the project! Without further ado, I`d like to present my verra first nail tutorial! (I`m so proud, I think I could shed a tear. I feel like my baby of a blog is really starting to grow up now!)

I Love Nail Polish

DSC01971One thing I will never understand is people who have never liked nail polish. If it were just people with bloody and chewed off nails, then I can see why you wouldn`t want to draw attention to that. But those who have nails in decent shape? Baffling!

Nails are wondrous things! They deserve love and attention. I know one man was talking about my nails to me, and he said he first was attracted to his future wife when he saw her well cared for nails.  It was a little uncomfortable that he also mentioned that there was nothing else about his wife worth taking notice of, as she didnt have a pretty face or trim figure, etc etc. That got me squirming in my seat all right! But still, it is a nice thought that nails can be the last ditch effort for a woman who has nothing else to recommend her by looks. That is pretty awesome for something that requires little money and no weight loss to take care of. I actually shared my New Years resolutions on the subject in this post. When I feel randomly mopey and hit by the urge to guzzle a special peanut butter chocolate confection I call pity, (fitting name, considering I really only eat it when I`m pitying myself for no good reason) I can always look at my nails and perk up a bit.

Some people, I have found, are not turned off by nails for the hassle and bother of their care, but mainly because they dont find it fun. Pretty hard to understand in a world full of glitter, cute stickers, and glow in the dark or under blacklight polishes, but I suppose they have the right to feel as they do. In an effort to make the world a better place (I know, this should win me a spot as the next beauty pageant. Its so much more convincing than a plea to end world hunger!)I have a little tutorial that may change your mind. Back when I promised a theme week that was rudely interrupted by a meltdown from Phyliss (my camera, who broke up with her charger and usb cord-permanently.) Sometimes I wish Ruby (you can read about the full cast of characters and electronics at the bottom of this page) could take pictures, but she doesnt have the capacity. She really is a bookworm, shes only interested in her books and apps. Actually, she isnt even capable of taking pictures, only of storing a few. Bummer, I know. <em>Believe</em> me, I know! Somehow, I shall bravely find the will to continue life, living through the sorrows and pains my heartbreaking existence brings. (Picture me staring moodily of into the sunset here, and itll be like youre right here besides my mental image of myself! Actually, dont picture yourself here; theres already too much personality inside my brain, and Im not sure I could hold anymore!)

Philyss (Camera) Has a New Boyfriend

So how can I share this tutorial with you, without any picture to alert you as to how the steps should be completed? Easy. I caved in and bought a spare charger and usb card for Phyliss. And a bunch of other tech stuff I didnt really need, but really wanted. Hello, Nook cover with keyboard! When the missing stuff finally shows up, it means Ill have a travel set and a stays in the charging cords basket set. Pretty good set up, if you ask me. In the meantime, Ill make do with one set. Its a huge improvement over no sets!

So how are we going to go about this difficult process? Well, to be perfectly honest, its not that difficult. Its not really even picky. All you have to do is have nail polish that goes on smooth, and doesnt glop all over the place. MAybe some nail polish remover and Q-tips to clean up the inevitable glopping you do, despite your valiant efforts.It happens to the best of us. Well, you actually do need some materials to accomplish this. And Ive got a handy dandy list for you right here. Youre welcome!

Scratch Card Love

No, I don`t mean the lottery! Though Google seems to think I do. I mean those cards you give to little kids, that they proceed to

Nail art inspiration? Photo credit at

Nail art inspiration? Photo credit at

scratch bits off in a pattern or picture. I used to make cards like this with my mother. Wed cover a piece of paper in a rainbow, made in very thickly applied strokes. Then youd cover it all in thickly applied black crayon. Then the fun part came of scratching it off in a line drawing. I`ve seen some of the modern versions, with a finished picture in the background instead of a plain rainbow. Balderdash, I say. I like the home grown version best.

The point is, this is a rainbow that is covered by a fractured black top. Hmm, I wonder what else I can think up that follows this same concept? I think I have an idea for that. It`s a simply marvelous idea, you simply must wait it out and see what it is below. Did you wait? Oh, you are clearly an amazing person then! Now on to those goodies I put you in all of this anticipation for.

Oh. My goodness. These nails. Not only are we dealing with that over the top rainbow aspect, we`ve got the crackle finish on top. It really does look like scratch card nails! So exciting. I think the little kids I work with every other week will be super excited by this too.

Get The Look- Tutorial

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat,

Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat,

First is the fabulous base coat. Im using Sally Hansen, but absolutely everyone loves Seche Vites. I dont think the base coat brand is too important, as long as you use an actual base coat instead of just clear nail polish. Polish that is formulated to be a base coat is meant to even out natural ridges in the nail, and is meant to protect the integrity of your nails. Base coat, in a nutshell, is why people who always wear nail polish dont have blue or red nails once all the actual polish is removed. It is a pigment protector for your nails!

DSC01990Here we have for you step one, because the last bit was really more of a prerequisite than an actual step. As you can see, you paint half of your nail blue.DSC01974

Then you paint the other half of your nail yellow. In case you need that in a better description, you want half blue and half yellow on each nail, not separately.

Sally Hasen Nail Growth Miracle

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

You can put a rather sheer layer of red down the middle, so there is some overlap on the blue and yellow halves on the bottom. The awesome result of that is the purple color is built in!


You can add a more specific element to the purple stripe region. I just lightly colored over the red and blue overlap region, just because I didn`t feel the contrast was strong enough as is.

eXtreme wear nail color from Sally Hansen

eXtreme wear nail color from Sally Hansen

You can throw in a little line of chartreuse at the blue and purple side of your nail. Remember, you don`t need to do this perfectly, as most imperfections will be covered by the last step.

Pretty blurry picture, it almost makes me think of an abstract painting in itself...

Pretty blurry picture, it almost makes me think of an abstract painting in itself…

Here it is. The cool bit youve all been waiting for. The crackle coat! I couldnt decide if this made me feel like disco funky, some weird combo of Lion King and the 90s, and something kind of modern and cute. It really looks so nice in real life! Definitely not office appropriate, but pretty awesome for the weekend or a party. Of course, I look pretty stylin when I show up on campus this way, but Im pretty sure what works in college wouldnt really work at your desk job. Or really much of any job. Either way, it looks awesome.

DSC02023Here`a the top coat. Everyone loves seche vite fast dry. I think any fast dry top coat is good, especially the variety that fits my budget! Every buck counts you know. So I use a cheaper version from California Nails.

What do you think of my latest approach to a nail tutorial? Would you wear this look, or tone it down with a rainbow of neutral colors, or pastels? What would you do to make crackled nail polish a little less predictable?


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