Tied in Knots

My hairstyle, that is! I absolutely love buns. They are so chic, and they look terribly tricky to pull together. They are also super easy to actually pin up, and cut my hair styling routine down to about ten minutes a day.

Here`s five buns, with terrible pictures, that I`ve worn this week! The poor pictures are because I`m poor at taking pictures of myself, and my willing helper ShockBoy (I`ll need to think up a new codename for him, this one doesn`t really describe him at all) doesn`t really understand what angles are important. Why would he? It`s not like he could do practically any hairstyles with two inches of length to work on. Sure, he can sort of gel and spike his bangs (which he never does, and he always cuts it when it starts to look adorably slightly undone. You can`t believe how many girls are upset by that! Well, actually, only a few that I know of. He`s very focused on school work, so I doubt he`d even notice if a girl was very focused on him, or his hairstyle!)

When I`m doing buns like this, I actually think of them as my casual hairstyle. You throw in a braid or two, randomly twist things about, and pin it in place. If only I could take pictures of the back of my head as well as I can make styles there! I can see that I really need to get a hand mirror, so I can see what`s going on back there. (And, again, take pictures of it!)



A sort of chignon look. Made by simply twisting my hair down the sides, twisting them together in the center of the back, and rolling the finished twist in a swirly pattern. Pin in place, lightly spray, and off to campus you go!

Spider`s Weave


I used a small section of the hair on the sides to make a french braid, leaving it unsecured. Using the rest of the unbraided hair and twisting it into a recognizable bun shape, I secured with a lot of bobby pins. Wrapping the French braid around and placing it on top of the bun to create an intriguing hairband effect. Lightly spray for shine and flyaway prevention.

Sailor`s Rope


This is sort of a day-after hair look. I separated my hair in two halves and had two French braids going down the sides at night. In the morning, I pulled the ends of the braid up into an easy-going bun, secured by a ponytail holder in respect of the fact that this was a day without classes! I don`t really think there is a need for hairspray, the looseness of it adds to the charm.

Paisley Trim


You will need to divide your hair into fourth sections. The first section on the each side will be French braided back, twisted in with the other half of the side that has been tightly coiled like thread. The left sections, twisted together, should reach the right side of the head, crossing with the right section to form a loop on the side of the head. Affix everything with a lot of pins, inserted in pairs to form x`s and prevent slipping. This is definitely a hairspray-required style!

Let Your Hair Down!

You can always go look to the unexpected to help you make your grand entrance. In this case, as I am always restraining my hair in some style, I sometimes like to let my hair down and wear it as-is. As long as I make sure to lightly condition the ends, my hair does these amazing undone curls without any help from myself. I only have to condition because my hair is currently past my shoulder blades and gets dry very easily, as I don`t even have to take that step when my hair was chin length!

Of course, even my dearest friends suspect I am wearing a wig or a weave when they see my hair out and down. I think my updos look like I have very little hair? In all honesty, I do, but it really isn`t a matter of length. I just literally have less hairs than most people, and it`s thin to boot!

What is your favorite lazy day hair style? Is your hair usually up, down, in a braid, or a ponytail?


Hiya pal, please share your thoughts! :)