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That Moment When You Just Know

Yesterday I was talking with the lovely blogger in charge of NomadYouth, and I felt inspired to try some raw food after reading about her conversion from cooked vegan. I`ve tried raw before, you see, but I`ve never had a full raw meal. I guess I felt discouraged by all the fancy tools, expensive dehydrators and Vitamix blenders that the professional raw chefs use. I have to admit that the fact that I live on the East Coast, in a temperate climate, where you can`t get truly fresh produce year round like in California is also discouraging. Sure, you can still get vegetables- flown in a few hundred or  thousand miles from Mexico or California, picked when it was unripe, and overall just left with bad quality stuff. So I decided to not bother doing full raw. Apart from anything else, I can`t see a reason to. Sure, there is oodles of evidence that a high raw diet is beneficial- but could that just be because our modern diet tends more towards being 100% cooked? I think some nutrients are only unlocked by heat, and some are only available when raw.

Raw Omnivores?

And why should going raw mean that you must be vegan? I`ve never understood that. I suppose, since it is a diet that started out in the States, that most people are still grossed out about high quality raw foods like honey, milk, and even fish. I happen to love some quality sushi and sashimi, and I think the nutrition benefits are obvious. Though there is little that proves its health benefits numerically, the observational evidence that Asians and Norwegians that eat high quality raw sea food tend to have healthier and longer lives. And I know that, as we are steadily learning, vitamin D seems to be one of, if not the, most important nutrients for a body. The most efficient way to gain this seems to be a high seafood and nut diet, as many studies are suggesting that much of the human population can`t really absorb it directly from the sun. They seemed to have been studying this mainly in fair skinned individuals, but the same could hold true with the rest of the world population.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Raw Tradition

If you want to look at the effects of an at least half raw diet, you can look to the Japanese as good specific examples. Even with the influence of Western ‘health’, they continue to age in a beautiful manner, looking like they are a vibrant 30 thirty years after it is true! There are ways to mimic this health and longevity. While the use of holistic medicine and exercise even past retirement have no doubt played important roles in this culture`s vitality, I think that food always plays a star role in any individual`s or group`s health. If you aren`t so sure of the matter, feel free to try all of the above, and see how you feel at the end of a trial week! You`ll probably feel energized and glowing, ready to take on the world.

Just Around The Nutter Bend

With all of this inspiration, I felt it was time to revise my earlier assessment that raw is super difficult to make. Sure, the fact that it takes forever to make anything is still annoying. You have to soak stuff for hours to get it soft enough to eat! But with all of that effort, the food is rather satisfying. I`m not saying this is all I`m going to be eating for the rest of my life, but it is a nice change of pace. My breakfast this morning was actually even better than cooked cereal, though I forgot to soak my pecans. That means I had that slight sour aftertaste, and that threw off my breakfast a bit. It`s all good though, it still tasted yummy.

As a matter of fact, I`m going to share that with you. When? Tomorrow. I`m cruel like that. I also have to make some lovely things to make, so I can sell them on Etsy, so I can hopefully make the last hundred due by the beginning of the month. You see, I still have dreams of that Spring Break trip. Only time will tell if I`ll be able to pull the air fare together!

Would you try raw? Would you do it vegan, or omnivore, style? How do you stay on track if you are a rawtarian?


6 thoughts on “Raw Vitality

  1. This melts my heart! Thank you so much for letting me know I inspired ya. I am not sure if you think I am in California right now but I am actually living in (the most ghetto city ever haha) in Wisconsin! We have NOT ONE organic store and people here don’t even know what most superfoods are… no joke. ALSO – I made the fun noodle recipies just because I have recently started to cook and find it very relaxing but MOST raw vegans throw a bunch of fruit or veggies cut up on a plate (for the veggies with some healthy, nummy dressing) OR throw ’em in a mixer/blender so eating raw should actually be way faster than what you were eating before 🙂 It is faster than fast food! Great post, thank you again! Nice to have a new friend in blog land who seeks to live life as pure as we can!

    • I guess you have a more difficult time getting raw stuff, then! I`m in D.C., so I guess I don`t have much of a right to complain. I would do salads, but I`ve only recently started to not hate them, so I couldn`t do that every day. I guess that means I should use my blender more often!

  2. I eat mainly along the lines of low fat raw vegan but not entirely. It does not have to be complicated. I don’t mess with a dehydrator. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and often a salad in the evening. We have always eaten a lot of salad. I have found this diet to be quite beneficial.
    Here is a post about our initial experiment:

    Here is one about blended food:

    I don’t worry about staying on track since I have not made any vows to be 100% raw or vegan but the benefits do inspire me and guide my choices.

    • Hm, so it really is more of a lifestyle for you than a conscious choice to follow it. That seems more honest to me, somehow. I dislike the green smoothies, as those tend to be rather high in natural sugars. (I have to be careful with any sugar, cane or otherwise) I like veggies a lot, but I`m not always a fan of raw ones. Or most lettuce

      • It is a consciously chosen lifestyle. 🙂 I don’t add any sugar to smoothies, there is just the fruit which has fiber so that the sugar is absorbed gradually. There are many kinds of salad greens but the fresher the better so it is hard to buy, better to grow one’s own. I have tried a lot of vegetables raw and some I just prefer cooked. It turns out they have a lot of cellulose and can therefore be hard to digest raw.

      • I know no one would add sugar, the fiber just isn`t as effective when liquid. I have an aerogarden, I just sometimes outpaces the amount of salad I want more than what is growing! Yes, there are many veggies I prefer at least steamed or sauteed for a minute or two, just to get things a tiny bit softer and sweeter!

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