Fire Beside Her

I recently had a fire. And by recently, I mean yesterday. And by fire, I mean the out of control inside my house kind. It didn`t make me happy. It made me rather distraught, truth be told. I used to be a fan of flames and burning stuff, but I don`t like fire anymore. Someone should have told me a fireplace has a flue… Meantime, I`m a little too rattled to put a real post together for you. I promise to have one in tomorrow! In the meantime, please enjoy this lovely poem:

Flickering flames

burning bright

smoke to shield the moon`s true light

billowing out in columns and tons

unveils the feel of safety we hold.

Rising, ever rising

as we cough and hack away.

Duck to the floor, you may live that way.

Darkness dancing,

pillars sway,

here we had a fire today.

I guess I shouldn`t complain too much, as no one was really hurt. In fact, the house wasn`t even hurt. Though the fire wouldn`t go out, no matter how many buckets of water we put on it, it stayed inside of the open fireplace. That means there was a lot of smoke more than any burning action. I`m so blessed no one was hurt, nothing was burned, and there really isn`t much to remind me of the event besides a sore throat and red eyes.


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