Way to Start Your Day!

Raw-wwwr! Breakfast

Now, you may be wondering why I’m growling at you. I’m not, not really. I’m just being my silly old self, but you’ll see why. You see, I had a raw foods breakfast. It isn`t really the same as a raw day, but it is a pretty awesome experiment. Actually, I was really surprised on how full it made me feel!

Now, just so you dont feel grossly misused, this isnt actually a raw meal. It is a sort of or even could be raw meal, but I used what I had on hand. If you were to use plant milks you made just this morning, and dates you dried yourself, and did raw control on every ingredient, this would be raw. If you are an average Joe diet dabbler like myself, then this is a great way to dip your toe into the world of raw foods.Raw cereal

Go Raw Foods

What I happened to have on hand were two products from this raw foods brand I’ve really been digging lately. As you may know if you’ve looked very far at all into raw foods, the whole concept is that the food is fresh, never heated beyond 115 degrees, and treated in such a way to get the most active enzymes and whole nutrients happy and healthy so they can go through you and give you a major health overhaul- everyday, presumably, if you are on a permanent raw or high raw diet.

The Go Raw brand is a very happy medium in that mix. While not precisely fresh, as it of course took some time to create yummy foods and package and distribute them, they’ve got all the rest of the mix perfect. Their foods are ‘baked’ (at less then 100 degrees) in small batches, by a small company, using the freshest organic ingredients when they come to them. I’ve been a huge fan of their lemon sesame raw cookies (which I use as a not-so-very guilty treat or occasional snack) and their bars, because let’s face it, getting your paws on a sit down meal every three hours is pretty darn hard. (Explanation of that little eating quirk here.) But theses other products of theirs were really yummy, and disappeared in a flash. Though, I’ll warn you, as someone who is not a full time raw eater, too many date sticky energy bars on too many days a week can make you go from avid fan to cranky girl. Don’t be a cranky girl. Limit yourself to one a week, or you will feel sorry. So will your tastebuds, for that matter, if they get bored as easily as mine. Remember: it may be super easy to get dependent on one convenient food, but your body will make you regret it in the long run. That said, though, I really did like the bars the first seven times I ate them, and the lemon cookies tasted good a little longer before the lemony flavor started to feel a little metallic somehow in my mouth. So, overall, that’s still actually a pretty high recommendation from me. I rarely eat the same things more than once or twice a year, because I get bored so easily, so if I ate them so often I got sick of them and they started to taste different to me, that means I liked them to death. So, if you are a responsible person who doesn’t binge on lemony sesame seeds, you’ll probably like them an awful lot too!

My only problem was them figuring out how to use the odds and ends I had left that clearly needed some new flavor. I mixed the last two snack bars, crumbled up into chunks, with the simple seed mix and some dried fruit for a yummy trail mix snack. Then I put some coconut cream on each tiny lemon cookie left and topped it off with raw chocolate granola, and it was amazing. But then there was the simple seed mix and granola to eat before their freshness wore off. Time was a ticking when I thought of this clever and amazingly obvious solution: raw cereal!

Breakfast of Champions: Recipe Du Jour

1/2 cup pecans

1/8 cup crushed walnuts

1 tb chopped dates

1/4 cup soaked seeds- Go Raw! Brand

1 tb chocolate granola- Go Raw! Brand

1 tsp honey ginger crystals

1 tsp hemp hearts

1/4 cup coconut milk/almond milk

First, I soaked the seeds for half an hour, just so they had a bit of limpness for less difficult chewing. If I was thinking ahead, though, I would have soaked the walnuts and pecans for five hours or overnight so the slight bitter aftertaste would go away.


Add the walnuts, pecans, granola, and dates to a bowl. Add the coconut milk, or replace with some other raw/plant milk. (You could use a raw dairy milk, too, if you felt like it and had no diet constraints, I just think cow milk tastes grossly salty!) coco-milk-originalI just suggested coconut or almond so you get some variety in this meal, instead of having everything come from the same nuts or seeds.

or use/make your own ginger crystals or flakes that are actually raw. I think pickled or candied ginger would taste great, too!

or use/make your own ginger crystals or flakes that are actually raw. I think pickled or candied ginger would taste great, too!

Sprinkle the ginger crystals (the brand I bought isn`t raw, but some fresh or home dehydrated would be!) and hemp hearts on top for a yummy meal!

If you want a true blue raw meal, you are welcome to it. In the meantime, Ill happily enjoy my stand in. Im having sashimi for lunch, so this might very well end as a full raw day!

Are you a raw purist, or a dabbler in diet trends of all kinds? Would you say this can count as a raw meal, when most of it is only ‘mostly raw’?


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    • That is true that it has a bit of fat, but I actually tend to be almost deathly low in that in my diet. You`d be surprised how hard I have to work to include some on my diet! Healthy fats also make up most of the brain, and help with moist skin, and I have very dry and brittle hair and skin and I don`t feel like I`m firing on all my synapses. Actually, healthy fats also make you feel full on less food! I used to look up my nutrition information, but I was leaning towards an eating disorder, so I try not to think too much about it anymore.

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