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All of this scrolling through violent posts and bits of history, (Remember my Black history posts to date?) I`ve been inspired to turn the tide. Sure, sometimes war can create peace- when we are talking about the last ditch option to an enslaved and oppressed people group or region. But when war is a knee jerk reaction, it makes me sick.

I respect and love may that participate in battle in the hope that one day they may be called on to protect their family and country. Maybe Im silly and young, but I havent really seen the necessity for that in the last decade or so. I think the fact that my dad grew up in Michigan (Save the trees! We cut all of ours down a century ago, and its cold here, so they wont grow back for another 100 years!) and my mom grew up with a complete hippie for a mother (which I love her for, as she was the first in my family to stockpile gluten free goodies for me!) I have a lot of hippie in my roots. And to clarify the matter, I mean more treehuggers than the “make love, not war” type of hippie. You know, the kind I`m not.peace

And sure, if you were to listen to my cousins, and most of my friends, theyd all tell you Im a hipster. It really isnt true, promise. Sometimes, I listen to rap, Taylor Swift, and watch the new superhero movies. That is about the most main stream thing on Earth!
<h2 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:#65eaa8;">I
m all about peace!
No, I just like to do what feels right. And friendliness feels right. I dislike the thought that being peaceful is being a pathetic doormat that will let anything happen. When I think of peacefulness, I think of offering the opportunity for friendship to everyone I meet. Some people refuse, and look at me like I have five heads. Considering I live in the hopping Metropolis of DC (unofficial DC region is the same size as NY, NY; just more spread out and oddly more friendly. We even manage to be a tiny smidge less busy! Except some of the politicians. Some care, some like the position, and some are useless; but that extends beyond the political circle!)

The point I was trying to make here is that I want to be friendly to all, and give all the chance to be friendly to me. I want to be nice to people that look scary to me, and I love it when that person turns out to be the sweetest thing on Earth! It happens really often, actually. And I love that! I love that friendliness and cheerfulness open so many doors, creates so much happiness with life. And if all of that makes me a peaceful and nonaggression style of person? I think that is a pretty awesome kind of person to be.

Bloggers For Peace

So I decided that the Bloggers For Peace movement was something I wanted to jump on. What a great idea! To join, you have to

  • Dedicate at least a post a month to the topic of peace
  • Add a Bloggers For Peace badge
  • Link your post to(I found it at TheGreenStudy) someone else in the movement (you would probably link to me, since you read about it here)
  • Put instructions for others to join the group
  • Link back to the main page

If you want to see my shiny new badge, it is on the right pane. It`s sharing space with my versatile blogger award now! šŸ™‚

How do you achieve peace? Is it something you really think about at all?


8 thoughts on “Peace, Dude

  1. You go, girl! I’ve only be blogging about 2 months, and all of my blog are about peace… inner peace. I tell short/short stories that illustrate that simple point. Peace, acheived from inner to outer, or visa versa should be the ultimate goal of all societies if everyone’s dream of happiness and properity is ever to become reality.

  2. I know what it feels to be called a hipster…when you aren’t a hipster! Glad you’re all about peace, too (: Thanks for sharing!


  3. Yay, Great Zambini, welcome aboard. I love your friendliness and cheerfulness. We can change the world with smiles and acts of kindness. I look forward to more posts. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

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