President`s Day

President`s Day seems to be a rather pointless holiday now. I`m not really sure why it is, but it is obvious. Just look into the millions of coupon flyers you`ve probably gotten in the last few days and you`ll know it`s true.

What is President`s Day supposed to be about? Nobody knows. That`s because it was set up to condense the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. There really isn`t a specific purpose, besides cutting down on how many famous people`s birthdays the populace feels compelled to celebrate. Maybe that`s why it isn`t properly celebrated.

Or maybe it`s because we just didn`t have as many holidays back then. Now that we`ve added talk like a pirate day and pancake day, you`ve got to make the important holidays stand out. And while you may not have thought of President`s Day as important before, I`m here to tell you you`re wrong! How so?

  1. President`s Day gives you a day off from work or school. You can take a nice Wintry Picnic (“here`s your frozen hot chocolate and iced over jacket, dear.”) Or maybe that`s just DC, as we seem to really respect all of the patriotic holidays around here. If you live elsewhere, this probably doesn`t really apply to you. If that`s so, mosy on down to point two.
  2. This is a holiday to get a little misty eyed over. Smack dab in the middle of Black History Month, you can reminisce about one of the most famous pro-black activists ever, let alone the fact that he was white. Speaking of, I think he is the most famous activist of his skin color. I have other posts on Black History Month, too! There was a post in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and posts on the prejudice of the Nazis and freedom in Russia.
  3. This is another holiday to share memories over. You can talk to your grandparents about the wonders of the country in the old days, and have a comfy time chatting. Sure, you`ll have to get through a few “And we walked in blizzards each day, uphill both ways. It was over fifty miles, too!” but that is what family is for.
  4. You can make some of your own memories! This is a holiday to think of all the different ways you love your country. The rituals of making barbeque, the Summer backyard grill party, freedom of press (like this blog!), people that will drive you in their four wheel drive fancy car when your sedan dies in snowmaggeden. Friends that will come over to bail your basement when it floods, neighbors you`ve never invited to your yearly Christmas party due to size constraints that still smile and wave hello. There are so many wonderful things, why limit yourself to the details you learned in Civics class?
  5. Crack your history books! You can give yourself a quick refresher on basic American history, and remind yourself of why a certain president is your favorite. By all means, look beyond the two the holiday is officially for. Love FDR? Let`s give him a party. Fan of Regan? Fan of Kennedy? Well, you can celebrate him, though I`m not a personal fan.

And maybe, just because you listened to my begging, you`d consider Washington`s idea that there shouldn`t be a party system? I`m not saying that they will disappear because I want them to, just that maybe instead of thinking “I`ll only vote Democratic” you could think “I will vote on which candidate sounds best to me, regardless of their brand name,”? I`m just saying that you should look at an individual candidate`s aptitude, and not vote because you are following your chosen herd. Sure, I like that you are voting. I love it, actually. But I`d still like it if you were to walk into it with a suspense of belief, to reverse the classic literary term, so that you do not go into an election determined to vote for your team, no matter what they actually stand for or do.

Love my patriotic colors, don`t cha? Who is your fav president, and how will you celebrate?


2 thoughts on “President`s Day

  1. I am not really celebrating today, as it is pretty much the same as a normal Monday for me. I really do love history though, so I loved this post – very fun to stop and reflect on presidents of the past!
    Much love,

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