Exercise should be fun!

Exercise? DaNce it Up!. If you want to be active and fit, you have to stop treating exercise as a job, or even a dreaded duty. You have to move because you have found it a fun thing to do to really keep your New Year`s resolutions going.

Biker Chicks

So dust off that old bike. If you aren`t a fan of riding hell for leather, why do so? Take it out of the garage and go for a leisurely cycle through the neighborhood or a nice wooded path, speeding up only if the rush of wind and tang of fresh air inspires you to do so. Feel like taking it slow and easy? Be my guest. To make it even more fun, you could call your bestie out and meet up with him/her for some chatting and quality time that is waaay cheaper and more fun than sitting in that dinky cafe you usually meet in.

Walla Walla Walkington

Have the balance of a wounded walrus, and not sure you can stay on your ridiculously fancy racing bike? Feel free to take a stroll in a pretty place. You can always visit a park, but why not visit a cool flea market or farmer`s market and find something really good? A nice fresh apple is just the thing I want after a long stroll. Not into shopping, or an incurable spender? You can visit some historical or cultural site. A few hours walking around an art museum or traipsing up and down the hills attached to some historical mansion is a fun way to spend the day. Sure, you`ll burn calories, but let`s not degrade your fabulous healthy lifestyle into a battle of statistics and numbers. We are sticking to fun here, remember?

Not interested in such slow and boring pursuits? You can do yoga, kickboxing, spelunking, canoeing, ice skating, swimming, daggerhere, street hockey, soccer, tag, red light green light, and just about a million other sports and games. The possibilities are endless once you allow a workout to be a time for fun.

What`s your favorite sport or game? How do you stay fit? Do you enjoy anything active?


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