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I bought one of those cake pop molds. It was calling my name out in Michael`s, and I just had to take it home. It was a little like a lost puppy, with that silicon molds, hangdog eyes, and cute pictures on the package. Well, not the hangdog eyes. There was a picture of monster cake pops on the package, and they certainly had eyes, but they were more cutesy cartoon than quietly beguiling.

What can one make with such a creature? Im glad you asked.
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For one thing, you can make cake pops. Pretty straight forward, but good all the same. The kind you bake holds together much better than the kind you whip up with baked cake and globs of frosting squished together. I tried doing that a million times, and it always fell off the lollipop stick. <a href="http://the-coastalconfidence.com/valentines-day-cake-pops/">The Coastal Confidence</a> has a nice tutorial for Valentine
s day themed pops, if you don`t need birthday themed ones for your Mother. By the way, if you have the time I’d love you to leave birthday wishes for mine!


These really are sweet little cake pops. They seem perfect for my little cousins birthday (7 next August!) or for a party involving those who love cute. Im thinking of a few of my friends here. And some people at the convention. Half the girls were wearing five thousand bows and bits of lace, and it was really a little over cute. Im not a fan of that. These arent that bad, they just arent right to make for my Mom. (No, Im not posting her age on the internet of all places. Shed kill me. Maybe not literally, but she might stop making me dinner, and that would be just as bad!) I think weve found the winning cake pop style over at Divas Can Create. I`m planning on using the recipe and making the cake and frosting from scratch, however, as I know that my Mom hates the taste of artificial. Nothing says love better than extra time and effort, right?

Do you think this is an easy diy to practice your creativity?


19 thoughts on “Quick Bites

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment! They were easy & tons of fun. And I agree with the artificial comment. There is something to be said about time & effort, and it always shows itself in the unique flavors and great taste. Be sure to post pictures of your finished product!

    • I`m sorry, no Star Trek! I didn`t exactly end up with spherical pops, so it didn`t make sense to decorate them as characters. Kind of a bummer, but what I ended up doing was pretty inventive (if I do say so myself!) I`ll be sure to do that next time. Or I might change my mood and be in more of a superhero mood by then, but that would be pretty cute too.

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