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In a galaxy, far far away, lives another race. A race that speaks Klingon and knows Tolkien`s elvish runes by heart. A race of humanoids that can encrypt data faster than a cartoon man leaping over tall buildings, while wrestling angry dragonoids in a 3-D gaming platform. This race is a proud component of geekdom, a land where obscure facts and figures on any subject will earn you abject praise, as long as the other geeks you interact with are part of the same realm of geekery you are a citizen of.

There were crowds of people all over the place. In fact, this area was almost empty!
There were crowds of people all over the place. In fact, this area was almost empty!

Then there`s the rest of us.

Those casual geeks that occasionaly break out a favorite line or quote, show up to a few cons (conventions, for those of you not in the need-to-know group), and sometimes dress up in outfits the first day a long awaited movie shows up in theaters. I know I showed up as Gandalf when the first Hobbit movie was released, and I felt no shame in it. I also got tickets and attended a convention. The Katsucon manga convention in D.C., to be more precise. I hadn`t gone before, and all of my friends were really excited to share in some geekery and simple fun with me. It was also pretty fun to catch up with my best friends from highschool, as I don`t really see them that often anymore.

I really need to do a better job of keeping up with friends! If I was a super hero and had to have a kryptonite, that would be it. I can make new friends in the blink of an eye, but I`m terrible at maintaining friendships. I just don`t have that skill set! Thankfully, a have a few old friends who understand this weakness of mine, and they usually compensate by dragging me along to events so I can refresh my relationships. That`s how I ended up at Katsucon, though I had promised much earlier in the year that I would save all of my money to visit family over Spring Break. The result of that is that I`m no longer lazy, and I`ve applied for jobs at a grocery store, many Summer camps, and various other things. Including that Etsy store of mine. You`re all proud of me, I know it. I can feel that love emanating from you even as I write this!

Shaggy and his friend. So nice of him to share the limelight!
Shaggy and his friend. So nice of him to share the limelight!

So, what did I learn over the weekend? That I suck as a geek, mainly. I didn`t recognize half the outfits I saw, though I did get excited over a few of them. See here? That`s Shaggy. From Scooby Doo. And when I talked to him and asked for his picture, he even said “zoinks!”

Captain Jack Sparrow at Katsucon!
Captain Jack Sparrow at Katsucon!

And who doesn`t love Jack Sparrow? I think almost everyone does. It was really cool, the guy was not only dressed like him, but did the acting as well! The slightly tipsy stagger, the grand gesturing, the charming smile to talk to the ladies. He did a perfect job. I love a good actor, and I think this guy was as good as Johnnie Depp!

Wreck it Ralph and crew. I love the Vanellopes here!
Wreck it Ralph and crew. I love the Vanellopes here!

Jack Frost

Jack Frost

Jack Frost was a really popular character at the convention. Along with about thirty others, this friendly geek let me take a picture of her as Jack. I think she had one of the best costumes for it, truth be told. That`s why I took her picture of all others, you see. I only actually got around to seeing Wreck it Ralph this Monday (while I was running away from the cleaning crew that was called to fix our smoke problems) so I`m a lot more excited about this picture now than I was when I took it. I didn`t get it then, but I think this is the perfect Ralph! What do you think?

How do you feel about conventions? Have you ever been to one? Would you be willing to dress as a character?


10 comments on “Casual Geekery”

  1. Which is why I hae three Star Trek uniforms in my closet! One day I hope t be able to go to the BIG Comiccon in California. yeppers, I’m a geek and damn proud of it. makes my husband crazy.

      1. Depends. One Original, one Next Gen, one Enterprise. They are all different ranks. Usually I wear the Next Gen with commander pips. Sometimes one con will have a different emphasis. Sometimes depending upon which round table discussion group. Most times, I wear jeans and a tee shirt – usually with something non-Star Trek but equally geeky, such as a Great Teacher Onizuka one. I don’t go nearly as much as I did when I was single.

      2. Well, I guess I can see that. I have to admit, I actually go a lot more often (once, so far) then I did before I made such mainsteam geeky friends (I tend to find my geekiness in art and literature, or fashion) but I have enjoyed it. I think I only saw one Trekkie group though, maybe only five friends. Everyone else was all about manga. I didn`t see anyone but me wearing just a shirt and not a costume!

      3. I like manga and anime, but prefer the cons about SciFi, comics, and fantasy. I get my geekiness in those things and stuff like the CERN accelerator or astrophysics. The only thing about the non-manga cons, is waaaaay too many fat women showing waaaaay too much skin, lol. I’m overweight but there is no way I would dress like that. Apparently I look in the reality mirror and they look in some other kind of mirror when they put on their costume. I have, with age, gotten more into Zen, samurai, haiku, tanka, etc. Guess the wild girl finally mellowed out.

      4. I think that every con has girls showing waaaay too much skin. I don`t care if they are skinny or large, I don`t like seeing that sort of thing. It makes me feel uncomfortable, you know? And it is always funny, because you see those same girls in everyday life wear plain and boring stuff, then go outrageous at cons. I guess what my friend said, that cons are their serious place (what campus or a job would be to me) so they only dress with care there, though it`s not my taste to show so much skin. Maybe that`s why the hotel was heated to about 80 degrees F?

      5. Perhaps hotels should cool down to 55 and force more apparel. I am serious when I wear my uniforms just like so many others are serious about their personas. The cons aren’t just a fashion show, it is a chance to be another self – to live out your alternative history. and trust me, Klingon ain’t easy to learn! I enjoy seening how creative people are. I like the camaraderie, the fitting in someplace unique. Even when I just wear jeans and a tee shirt, I belong. Like you, I really don’t like the overexposure of skin. it seems that it is a bit of “hey look at me” and this goes for the few males who do the same thing. The speakers are always interesting and it is always interesting to see how well the Starfleet Marines maintain security and order. As an engineering services person, I get to do some things as well besides just play. The con is serious to me as well, but unlike work, I get to have fun :) I once was able to in on a game of Hearts with Stephen King as one of the participants. Nice guy. And invited to a room party given by Scott Bakula – another nice guy. He had a suite and had not just mucky-mucks there, but regular folk like me and was so funny and enjoying everybody who came. At work, that sort of thing would not happen. Only at a con.

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