Break Blues Begone!

The Best Advancement in Psuedo-Science Yet!

On a school vacation again? Feeling lonely, miserable, and seperated because all your friends you saw during the school year are off in foreign countries or partying at the beach, and you are growing mushrooms staring at manga in your panic closet? Well, no longer! Introducing new Break Blues Begone! It`s a magic solution to an age old problem. You simply pop a pill, and all your woes are gone.

Not wearing a suit to the pool due to insecurities? Pop a capsule of Break Blues Begone and you will temporarily look decent.

Staying at home for all of the mystical being that is Spring Break? Now you can pop one of these bad guys and some random person will be magically compelled to give you a lift to some exotic locale.

Order now, and get one extra pill, free!

(No animal texting, approved by the Fun Day Administration- or FDA, and no artificial additives or promises. No returns or renewals within five hundred years of cycling. You may now begin your test, pencils down, everyone`s a winner, don`t let the door hit you on the way out.)

And Now for The Actual Post…

I said all of this to get in your mind how bored I am during most breaks. Sure, I thought that it was funny as well, but that`s not the point. That`s the reason. Can`t you keep your geometry and philosophy straight?

Really, though, it`s been dragging on me for a few years. I need these vacations so desperately after all the studying I do, but I almost never actually enjoy them. Even the few times I`ve been on a real vacation (you know, instead of just driving a few hours to see some far flung relatives) I didn`t really enjoy it much. So far, vacations consist of sitting on your duff for most of the day, then braving the world outside of the hotel for maybe three hours max a day. That`s pretty lame. I`ve been to fancy hotels before (once) and it wasn`t worth hanging out in all day long. Unless it was to go to the spa. That would make sense. But we didn`t, and it doesn`t, and I`ve been dreaming of a real vacation for so long.

Now all of that has changed! I am scheduled for an actual factual vacation! I`ve been trying to put this together since November, but it didn`t look like it would pan out until today when I bought the plane tickets. I`ve been worrying and fretting over it the past month, as I wasn`t sure I could make up the last hundred dollars for my trip. I mean, I would have, if I hadn`t used that money to go to Katsucon… whoops. In my defense, before I did that, I would have had the money to go. I should have had enough anyways if I hadn`t gotten sick and missed two sessions of my job. Each session I attend as a childcare worker (it`s a seminar/bible study type of thing) I get sixty dollars, so that`s $120 down the drain due to that stupid flu. I really thought all my dreams were done for when we had that fire last week, as I couldn`t even get a loan from my parents after that if the cleaning hadn`t been so well covered by the insurance.

You don`t know how hard I was trying to scrape up the last bit of money. That`s why I`ve been shamelessly advertising my Etsy store, and adding so much to the inventory. (Ten+ things will be added to the store this weekend ish once I`ve put together more photos.) You can go to my store by clicking the button on the right side of the page. You might even be super nice and become my first customer! I know, I should include more and better pictures before I start getting so greedy, but it was just a thought.

But. None of that turned out to be a problem! I got a call from my Aunt, and she found the perfect tickets. They were fifty dollars less than all the others I`ve seen, so I was even able to afford it! So I just bought them today. As of Spring Break, I shall be gallivanting about in the snow of Boulder Colorado, and I`m all the happier for it! Sure, I was thinking about more Summery things like hiking and biking for my trip, but snow tubing sounds pretty awesome. I`m still just excited by my first real vacation; where I`m traveling on a plane by myself, like an adult! (Yeah, the government considers me an adult, but no one else I know does, so I`m not really sure it counts. I`ll wait until I start acting like one to post that label to myself, thank you all the same.)

What was your first trip by yourself like? Do you have any travel tips or ideas? What have you done for Spring Break?


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