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Here`s my day in a quick picture menu. Or, at least, some of my day. Let`s be honest, this is just part of what I eat in a day. I eat a lot, you know, so I have to keep my strength up somehow.

Maybe this will have some good ideas for those with gluten intolerance or other allergies or food restrictions, or even my readers who just want more ideas for healthy eating.

8:00 Am

After I stopped moaning about being up so early, like I have been everyday for the past few months (since Spring semester started, actually) I got out of bed and did some yoga. First I ate a piece of Rudi`s multigrain gluten free bread, which happens to be sold conveniently in the freezer section of Costco. I slathered that with peanut butter and honey, so I got a bit of healthy fats to keep me full and some antioxidants to keep me healthy. I fried up two eggs, but I do that every morning as part of my routine, so it feels weird to write it down like it was part of the menu. It`s more that it is just part of my morning, if you know what I mean. This wasn`t meant to be my full breakfast, but rather a quick snack to get my energy up and my metabolism running. I used Tara Stiles` book “Slim Calm Sexy” for the yoga (It`s almost embarrassing and childish to say that, even on the interwebs. I would probably look at my toes and groan if I had to say it live!) Did you know she has a blog? I think I`m going to pop in from time to time to look at the freebie routines she`s posted.

11:00 Am

I had this. It was good, and healthy, all at once.barlean`s omega swirl, rice chex, banana

This has Barlean`s Omega Swirl in pina colada smoothie, rice Chex, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and a yummy banana. When they are a little brown like that, you know they are closer to ripe. Did you know that real ripe bananas that are eaten in South America are red, and only about three or four inches long? All my friends who moved from there as adults (as opposed to the many that moved as very young children) to the States still mourn good bananas. I can`t say I blame them. I think the bananas we get are rather blandly flavored, especially if you eat them green. Why, that would be like eating a potato raw!

I also grabbed a handful of spinach, just because I was in the mood for it. I did not put it in the cereal, in case you were wondering.

If you felt like being creative, you could put the Barlean`s on the toast instead of mixing it in with the cereal. It looks just like that icing you get with those toaster pastry thingies, except it tastes good. I guess it`s healthy too, but the most important thing in this case is that it tastes good. That icing stuff has no flavor besides sweet, and that`s not very interesting at all.

2:00 Pm

Lunch time! I had this raw rice pilaf, which is made with soaked wild rice and pumpkin seeds. I put some yummy bell peppers on top for a colorful and nutritious meal!raw wild rice pilaf red bell pepper

I had some mixed greens after, as I felt particularly virtuous. Don`t worry, I`ll snap out of it soon!

5:00 Pm

I had spaghetti squash and tomato sauce, and topped it all of with some rare venison meatballs and freshly shaved parmesan. I`m sure you are now gasping in shock that I ate Bambi, but you need to see where I am coming from before the verdict that I`m cruel and heartless. Deer around here are so densely populated, there are 300x the number of deer there should be per square foot. It doesn`t help that there are few square feet of woodlands around here besides the bits of parkland! Because there are so many, they are basically doomed to slow starvation, as the natural balance of predators doesn`t work here. (no wolves to eat them=no balance) So, to help them from dying slowly and with great suffering, some people shoot and kill them. Unlike some jerky hunters that do it for the thrill of the kill, these deer were all eaten, and none of them were wasted. It`s something to think over, even if you don`t agree with me.

On a side note, I also ate some lightly steamed green beans on the side. I`ve been drawn to my veggies lately, I guess.

8:00 Pm

Here we are, at the end of the day. Because this is just my supper meal, it is meant to be rather light. The food I eat only needs to power me until I go to sleep, which is usually at 11:00 pm. Because I will be doing calm activities that require very little energy, I don`t need to eat too much. However, those who skip this light meal often end up having a midnight snack that consists of icecream and guilt, and nothing about it is small except for the feelings it creates. To avoid that mess, I just plan my light supper.

I had three of those meatballs from earlier in some of the tomato sauce on the side of my plate, with four Udi`s bagel crips topped with smoked salmon (Like my Super Bowl party) and smoked gouda on the other side. It tasted really good.

Who needs dessert when you have such fancy savory dishes? We just always crave dessert because it is guaranteed to be special food. Try giving yourself other kinds of special and rarely eaten foods, like those venison meatballs and my experimental rice pilaf, and you might be surprised by how little you crave the junk and sweets.

Why so Often?

Why do I have meals planned every three hours? I used to have problems with black spots and even black outs of my vision. I used to have these terrible soul ripping migraines that would wipe me out for the day. I used to have a ton of health problems, and be weaker than a new born babe for it. When I went gluten free, I also started to take control of my blood sugar by eating small yet frequent meals. Since then, I`ve lost ten pounds, and my weight never fluctuates like it used to. I also feel a lot better, and can concentrate, and never have migraines, and most of my health problems have been resolved. We`re still working on a few, but if I`m being honest with myself, those would go away too if I would let go of the casein. It`s just so hard to do though!

Incidentally, if you are thinking that you have any symptoms of fluctuating blood sugar, you should probably start out by eating mini meals every two hours. I`ve only moved to every three at the beginning of this year, because my blood sugar levels were so steady I thought I could risk it. So far, it`s still worked well, but there is no room for error now on missing a meal. If I miss one, I need to get something in my system fast, as my body still wasn`t built for that kind of endurance. I talk a bit more on the subject in this post, “Hit the Road Jack, it`s time To Snack!“.

What does a healthy day look like to you? What`s a normal menu for you, and what are your tips for planning it?


4 thoughts on “Quick Menu

  1. Your devotion to eating right and your frequent meals is really inspiring. I have a hard time getting a proper amount of meals and snacks in, but I’m going to try and get more serious about it. =]

    A healthy day for me consists of drinking freshly made kale-citrus-carrot-celery juice for breakfast and doing yoga. I need to work on the rest still, heh!

    • It`s really my devotion to avoiding migraines. Whenever I slip too much, my body finds some way to scold me, and I never was one that liked being in trouble!

      I can`t do those green drinks! I know that they have a ton of nutrients, but stripping all of the fiber away leaves you with only the sugars, which would make me have to work so much harder at keeping my meals constant to avoid a crash. I`d rather grab a handful of greens for a morning salad. My taste buds haven`t totally kicked in yet, so even the bitter greens go down without a hitch.

      Sleep and vitamin D may be miracle cures! Really, they are important. What`s scary is that people who go half a year or longer with less than 8 hours of sleep lose the ability to sleep deeply and for long periods, and recover from the day. So your body is permanently unhealthy, even if at a later point you try to get the proper amount of sleep. I have plenty of friends who did all nighters almost every night from 7th-12th grade, and when they got afternoon classes in college they still couldn`t sleep more than five hours!

      • That’s interesting you bring up the fiber thing. We just got a new blender for the house and have been blending greens instead of juicing and the fiber does make a big difference. It’s easier for me to just make a smoothie and go, but just eating them would probably be best.

        That’s awful about the all nighters. I don’t do them and never did, and I’m glad for it!

      • I hate all nighters, and I always chose a lower grade or late grade over losing sleep. I think my teachers would beg me to do so if they ever saw how grumpy I am without a full night! I think whole greens are best, as they have all the components to give you the maximum nutrition. It`s worse when you make smoothies and such that have all kinds of fruits thrown in for a better taste. That`s less fiber with more sugar! When I do want a smoothie, I make a peanut butter shake: 1c peanut butter, 1/4 c almond/coconut milk, 1/2 tsp local honey (local helps with allergies), and sometimes I throw in hemp or chia seeds as a garnish on top. (I tried adding physillium husk powder, but the end result is kind of slimy, so I don`t recommend it.)

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