Cinematic Fanatic

Let me just start by saying I`m not. Really.

I mean, I like movies. I watch one just about every night, actually. We used to be really strict about all eating at the dining room or kitchen table, but we got lazy. So now we all eat real food, (like before) and all together in one space and at one time. (unlike what was starting to happen once we all started college) It just happens to be in front of the tv to watch a movie.

But maybe all of this movie watching has affected me some. It seems like every circumstance in life can be responded to with some movie quote or reference. Is it my fault if Hollywood accidentally produces some useful lines and catchy catch phrases? I mean, they can`t fail every time. Even if a few of my favorite movies were blacklisted, and have never seen the light of rabid fans. Poor wittle bitty movies. Their hearts all broke there, couldn`t you hear it?

So, what are a few of my fave movies? I know how to tell you. I think it is time to break out one of my favorite post formats again. In fact, I think it is time for a list!

In no particular order at all, I like:


Some people thought this was too complex to understand. I thought it was cool. I like those movies that are twisty and turny, and really make you think. I also like the idea that you could sort of literally walk around in your thoughts!

Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

This is a little dated by now, but I still love it. I think this is comedic gold here. Sure, I think 95% of what Mel Brooks does is amazing, but this may just be the cream of the crop. I`ve watched this so often, I can almost say it word for word. And remember how often I watch movies? That`s saying something, for a girl who likes variety as much as me.

7 Zwerge

The version with English subtitles is called the 7 Dwarves. I kind of love this movie. There is this one scene in the middle of the movie that has them singing “Hay Zwerge” which sounds to me more like ‘hey zwagga’, and it is somehow super catchy. Apparently Youtube agrees, as I saw a million videos of it when I searched for it. More than the catchy tune, though, I think the movie is hilarious.


This film was unfortunate enough to come out the same year as The Lion King and Forest Gump. It never really stood a chance. But I believed in it, and so did a few other geeks. Actually, there is apparently a bit of a cult out there that obsesses over this movie and all its sequels. But I thought mere mortals may be interested in watching it too, so I wanted to bring it to their attention.

Super 8

I actually just saw this movie on Saturday, but I felt it was worth the mention. I thought it was pretty good. It terrified me in much the same way as Signs did, because there was suspense and I am incapable of withstanding that. But the plot was amazing, and I loved it despite how scared I was. On my fear scale, it was probably a 7 or 8. On the average human scale, I`d say it was a mere 4. I`m a wimp, and that`s ok. Now you can watch a movie that is probably practically cute next to the gory and creepy stuff you normally watch. I`m fine that you are the one watching that, and I am the one not terrified of my house at night.

Pride and Prejudice

The 2005 version, not the one that`s fifty million hours long, or the one that is a tv series. I`ve tried to make me friends watch it before, but they said they didn`t understand anything until they got to the scene where Mr. Collins first visits. Then they only noticed that he said he liked the potatoes. After crying in shame over them and the fact that they were not able to appreciate such art, I`ve decided to cry over this one in private. If you are capable of reading Jane Austen, Tolkien, Shakespeare, or anything else like that and understand what is happening without too much help, then you can watch this. If you can`t, you need to read them anyways, and watch them, until your reading is more up to snuff. I don`t know if that is an American thing, but I`ve always been upset that we get assigned easy books in school. It is time to expect more from yourself!

Oliver and Company


The Great Mouse Detective

These are all excellent children`s movies, and should be cherished as such. Unfortunately, they got lost among the shuffle of computer animated and princess movies. Well, I`m here to tell you now that they are excellent, and you should watch them. Especially if you aren`t a child. That means you are now old enough to appreciate that which is young and carefree, so watch it!

Bride of The Monster

I`m not sure if I love this because they are so earnestly trying to create something scary that it ends as being something laughable, or because the film quality looks so hilarious to me now. I just love it, strange to say. I don`t think you should go into this one expecting it to be scary, though. You have to remember that this was still early days for movies, and red dye was scary back then. This is pure gold for the sake of humor, but terrible if you want something scary.

The Sound of MusicThe Sound of music

I like musicals. There are a lot out there that I`m a fan of, including Mary Poppins and The Princess and The Frog. There is just something beautiful about combining plot and prose. If you really like musicals, though, you need to watch some Bollywood movies. They are brilliant, and gorgeous, but just so hugely long that I can`t stand them. You should give them a try before writing them off, though! (Yes, I have watched a few. That`s why I know they are too long. Find me one that is a max of two hours, and I`ll watch it.)

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

I love this one. All of that dry British humor, mixed in with a lot of ridiculous situations. For example, you have the knights of ni, the chorus at Camelot, and the blood sucking bunny rabbit of doom. I found it all quite funny, but it is really something that can`t be explained.

The Maltese Falcon

I know, you see it`s from the thirties. I see you trembling in your slippers at the thought of sitting through a silent movie. Well, fear no more! Because this one was in the thirties, it is a ‘talkie’. As it happens, this may also have been one of the most famous of the private eye theme, which seems to have been what most movies in this era followed. Not only is this movie important because the plot is great, but also because it is a great slice of history! Seriously, though, you should watch it. It`s actually even cooler because it is in black and white!

The Blind Side

Sometimes you have to watch a tear jerker. Strangely enough, despite how much I hate football, I love football movies. They always start with the downtrodden and hopeless team, which is united by the fierce desire to unite their team and fans by working their butts off until they beat the other team (which become the evil bad guys, because they are playing against our beloved underdogs). I also loved Up, The Notebook (not appropriate for younger viewers), and a million other movies that made me cry. Sometimes it feels good to let it all out, so it isn`t holding you back anymore.

`Cause I Like Movies.

I`m starting to notice now that a lot of these movies are funny. I don`t just watch funny movies, I promise! I just come back to them, time and again, because truly funny movies seem to be rather rare. I`ve noticed most of the movies earmarked as ‘humorous’ are merely crude and suggestive, and seem to be the kind of thing only a horny teen would appreciate. Am I that abnormal, or is it Hollywood which is to blame? Either way, I think you may like these movies. I do.

I promise I love action movies too, I just usually love and leave them. I like the thrills, the explosions, and moving on to the next one. I guess if a relationship with a movie required commitment, I would never watch them. I`d always be unfaithful to my movie of the moment!


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  1. I love The Sounds of Music…ugh whenever I watch it the songs stay in my head for days! Haha thanks for sharing this little list!


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