Updates from Me

Sixty Followers!

I feel like this number keeps growing every day. Well, mainly because it does! Every time I look over in stats, I get so surprised  by how many people dropped by. Then I see how many of them subscribed! It really surprises me.

I was going to write a celebratory post when I hit fifty, but things went too fast. In fact, I`m actually at sixty-six as I write this!

I really want to thank everyone who`s helped my blog, even if it is sort of in the infant stage. It really encourages me that even when I`m feeling antsy and clamoring to go, you guys read the less than perfect posts that are the result. I`m so privileged to get to share my knowledge and experiences with such an awesome group. You guys even forgive me for being a terrible Twitter writer! I guess I just don`t have the patience to provide any updates besides letting you know a new post is out. Besides that, it kind of feels like a waste of time.

So, to start March off with something nice, I thought I`d share this bit of wonderfulness. It makes a nice prelude to Midterms next week.


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