Benevolent Eyes

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I do not know

what they would see

if here and now,

they looked at me.

They saw my steps,

they traced my path.

The saw the places I could be.

The saw the whos, the whys and wheres;

They saw “If only she`d gone there”.

They saw the path my life would take,

they greeted me at the pearly gates.

They saw me some in life as well,

They said my progress on Earth was swell.

And every little step I took

I did in hoping their approval I`d brook.

And when I found I`d done that so well,

tears of gratitude would promptly swell.

But I am not yet dead and gone,

I live on this Earth still.

So gladly I will walk my path

and save the world from some`s ill will.


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