Constructive Purging

No, I haven`t lost my mind. I`m not talking about bulimia here, (which is destructive, let me tell you) but rather the getting rid of material junk. That`d be possessions, mind you. I`m even being more specific than that.

Since it is Spring, and a lot of things are getting pruned, I turned that same mindset to my closet. I decided it was high time that some of those things I don`t wear often because of an awkwardly fitting silhouette that ‘will surely look great once I`ve lost a lot of weight’. I got rid of that stuff because I have lost some weight, and it still looks awkward on me. Things that are made for a pear or swimmer`s build looks a little silly on an hourglass like myself. (Don`t feel too jealous, I`m not that skinny a time keeper. I`m a lot closer to average, and that`s all I`ll say on the matter.)

I also got rid of some stuff that just doesn`t hit my fancy anymore. Those acid wash jeans from early 2000? Seriously, when is the last time I wore denim that was lighter than royal blue? Those had to go. Those tee shirts from back when tees were supposed to be as short as possible? They feel weird now, like I`m all stretched out unnatural like. They can go to charity as well. The shirt that has the tiniest hole in the front, and maybe a tiny hole in the seam, and a- no, that one had to go too. Though I`m not sure anyone else would wear them, so that looks like rag or quilt fabric now. Maybe I`ll look into upcycling it, but it won`t stay in my closet as is. Those pants I haven`t worn since Middle School? They have to go now. Even if I were a smaller size, I would be a curvy version of that smaller size, and the Junior section cuts their jeans mostly straight at the hips. No matter how skinny I get, I will never completely lose my hips, so those had to go. The shirt with outdated faux gems? Gone. The shirt with a band I hate now? Dead. The shirt from that camp I went to? That doesn`t really go with my style now, so I see no reason to keep it. I`ve got plenty of memories in my head, and tons of pictures on Facebook, so why keep around a shirt? The adorable cowl neck sweater that was made completely of plastic ‘fabric’ and breathed as much as a corpse? That thing got me sweating when it was in the negatives. It needed to leave.

But why limit yourself to your clothes? There are other things that need clearing out. Look at your shoe collection. Those flip flops that are almost worn through should go, as well as the slippers that smell weird no matter how often you wash them. Those brilliant sneakers, that were my first piece of designer anything, were dead and gone to the grave long before I placed them in the trashcan. The sole was starting to peel, and the pattern printed on the shoe had been worn off in some areas. I didn`t even know that was possible! No matter how you love something, you need to use some sense when you know that keeping it is just stupid. Whether it is a dead shoe or a reminder of a broken heart, you`ll be better off with some less junk in your life.

There is a world of things to clear up outside of your closet, you know. Cut down on knickknacks, room by room, for a cleaner looking and easier to clean house.  Don`t do some furious clearing out of everything all over your house, but do slowly remove that which no longer belongs, one small zone at a time. So, when you finish trying on and sorting through the shirts in your closet, you can move to your pants, then shoes, than skirts and dresses, then photos and art, then jewelry, then move onto another room. If you move slowly and in good faith with yourself and your intentions, you will be ready to start organizing the stuff you have left by the end of the year if you are a horrible hoarder, or within the month if you are more like an average joe. Don`t lose hope!

What are your organizational woes, and tips to combat them?


6 thoughts on “Constructive Purging

    • I used to be a huge pack rat! Just sometime near the end of my teens, the feeling that it was controlling me and my social life got pretty annoying, and I decided to work on it. I went in waves, making it a little neater year by year and maintaining that. Now when I see a single sock on the floor it feels really messy!

  1. Acid wash jeans! haha I got rid of those a while ago…mostly because I couldn’t fit into them (I didn’t develop my style until a few years ago). I should consider cleaning out my closet too, but who knows when that’ll happen! Haha thanks for sharing!


    • I know, they are terrible! I actually see them in stores again now, I guess they think they`ve come back in style. I disagree!
      It`s the whole guilt thing. I went on a terrible shopping spree, and I felt like I really had to at least give the junk away to a charity. And I don`t know about Texas, but since the Forsythia bloomed I know Spring is around the corner here, and that also makes me want to clean.
      I also cleaned out my closet because I found out I could wear a lot of my skinny clothes again (!) and I realized I didn`t actually like all of the stuff I`d been saving.

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