New Piercing


I thought you guys might be interested in seeing my new piercing, so here it is! Incidentally, if you are planning on getting your cartilage pierced, you should use one of those tiny hoop earrings. Hair gets wrapped around post earrings, but easily pulls out of hoops. I actually got this done in February (I know, I`m so slow on posting this!) so I can slip these bad boys in and out and put some hoops in when I want to. When I have little hoops to put in, that is. This may come as a surprise, but I hardly have any small earrings at all, let alone little hoops. I`ve been rotating the three pairs of post earrings I do have to add some variety to the mix, but I`m not sure such a small selection is ever really capable of variety. Ah well. At least I have more places to put my cool earrings!

I know that, in the picture, it looks like my hair is super short. This is actually all a lie. My hair goes far beyond the sides of this photo, as it is shoulder length curly (my natural state of being) and about waist length straight. It`s amazing how much length curl takes up!

Are you against extraneous piercings, or do you have a few extra yourself?


3 thoughts on “New Piercing

  1. I am prone to infections from piercings so I have never gotten my cartilage pierced, only maintain two piercings on each lobe. Have fun with your new piercing!

    • I understand how you feel, my sister practically has to re-pierce her ears ever other day, and she has had them pierced for a few years now! I`d think she`d just give up at some point.

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