Jack The Giantslayer

I thought this movie was good. There were a few big plot twists that really would have surprised me even if I hadn`t known the children`s tale. Halfway through the movie, we all thought it was done, but it really had a huge twist that made the whole thing even better.

The basics of the story was a huge twist on the fairy tale of jack and the bean stalk. The ancient stories go that the giants live on a land that floats above Earth. Long ago, monks created magical beans that grew a twisted ladder with the intention of reaching the heavens, not knowing the danger. They instead hit the land of the giants, and left fleeing for their lives as they were chased down. The human`s king forges a crown made out of the same rock the giants were born from, and ordered them with a magical compulsion to return to their own land.

Centuries later, an evil adviser to the king finds this magical crown and the remains of the magic beans with the intention of finding and conquering the giants. Jack, who has always dreamed of being a heroic knight, inadvertently gets caught up in the fight for humanity, and manages to win the day and rise in his station above lowly farm boy.

I thought that the movie was a perfect blend of all you`d hope for. There was action and a battle to the death, espionage, love, suspense, and an underdog to win the day. It was great!

I didn`t think 3-D was all that magical, though. There were maybe five scenes that had anything tangibly 3-D to them at all, so I think that it may have been just as well to just see it in 2-D. Besides that little snag, I really did like this one. I`d give it 4 stars out of five.****

Did you like the movie, or do you think my rating was too generous?


4 thoughts on “Jack The Giantslayer

    • I like dumb action movies sometimes, though, so I guess that explains why I like the movie. I did think that the plot twists were good, though, which is why I bothered to write about it. I guess I am automatically against movies the Oscar`s liked, just because most of what they have liked in the past was stupid. I thought Lincoln was interesting, though too much like history class. Thanks for the feedback!

  1. I can’t watch 3-D movies…they make my eyes hurt haha. But I think I’ll give the 2-D version a try (; Thanks for sharing!


    • The 3-D does the same to me, but I feel like I`m secretly in vision therapy again. I think that means it is actually good for my vision. But you are right, 2-D requires a lot less effort!

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