Benson Sculpture Park

Loveland is a historic little town that sits catty corner to Ft. Collins, Colorado. It is also the spot I landed in for my Spring Break trip, mixing bonding time with family and exploring time with all the cool sights in the area. I`ve seen utility boxes painted with fanciful designs, and bathroom signs with sculptural reliefs. The saying that Loveland is the art capitol of America doesn`t seem to be any sort of exaggeration at all. This town is lousy with statues, and even has statue parks! I took a tour of Benson Sculpture Park, and there were so many statues that I could only show a brief summary here. There were more than a hundred on display!

seal sculpture

They had realistic pieces of exotic things and animals. Or at least fauna that doesn`t live in Colorado, at any rate. I`m pretty sure these sea going seals don`t live anywhere near the mountains and plains of the state!


They had some more abstract pieces that depicted more native animals. I particularly loved this statue of racing pumas in the front of the park. How wonderful to have all this art and beauty look good even in the dead of Winter!


Abstract humans as well as realistic ones of all ages and regions also live here. We`ve got this stretched out abstract giant, a few sculptures of children running and playing or riding on alligators, an old woman in a rocking chair, a Western style pioneer, an old Asian woman picking something with a historical hat, and what feels like a million others.

Old West Manasian lady

There were also some bits of whimsy throughout it all! I love this colorful ram soldier, and the multitude of other playful bits and pieces. There was a children`s section as well, with little dirt ‘trails’ and a sand pit, as well as cheerful statues for the kids to climb on and admire.


Even the bathroom was decorated in gorgeous reliefs! All the walls had colorful decorations and reliefs along the wall. This is in the middle of a handy center that contained the bathroom, a pagoda, and some benches for resting after a leisurely walk through the park.


It seems to be popular around here to have a statue in every lake as well as each street corner. Mermaids, whale fins, and other decorations rise up out of the water, and graceful bridges cross them. This particular park had a small lake as well as some shallower wetlands areas for native animals to live in. It was all so pretty!

What is your favorite way for art to be displayed? Where is your favorite museum, art park, or art town to visit?


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