Denver Aquarium


Denver`s Downtown Aquarium is one of the most wonderful tributes to the beauty of water I`ve ever seen. The architecture was breathtakingly beautiful, with even the escalator sporting a gorgeous display.


There were endless tanks of fish, and they were all large and roomy enough for the fish to zip about happily without the sluggishness cramped tanks create. There were even a few petting tanks so you could litterally brush up against sting rays, starfish, and horseshoe crabs.



There was more than just the basic fish. There were also a few more zoo like exhibits, with snakes, parrots, otters, and other animals. It was all really quite exiting!

Thai Chicken Wrap

The restaurant was fabulous. I ordered an appetizer, Thai chicken wraps, for a light midday meal. It was huge! I got a platter that was about 2’x1’6″, with peanut satay chicken, carrot slivers and chopped peanuts, spicy pickles, and all manner of goodies. There was a stack of a bunch of lettuce leaves, and a spoon so you could create your own wraps. It was enough to feed three of us with a platter of fried onion rings and zucchini with bits of jalapeno, which I didn`t partake in due to the flour in the batter. What I had was pretty amazing either way, though!

Aquarium Lounge

Like I said, the architecture was wonderful as well. This is a photo of the lounge area, and there was also a bar, a ballroom, and a restaurant. The restaurant had two huge tanks with divers, sharks, and fish that started at two feet long. It opens it`s doors at 12, so you may want to get breakfast before you drive here, as this is really only a lunch option. There is also a cute little Mexican restaurant right across the street if you want something a little cheaper. (My appetizer wraps were $11)

Do you love fish like I do? What is your favorite aquarium?


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    • It was definitely the best I`ve seen so far, and I feel like I`ve visited every other aquarium and zoo in the country! (Though that`s a bit of an exaggeration, I have been to all the most famous ones.)

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