On Parade!


Unfortunately, I missed the St. Patrick`s Day parade in Old Town Alexandria this year. It`s a real bummer, as they always put on quite a show! In an effort to soothe my hurt sensitivities, and perhaps entertain and delight my audience, I decided to share the pictures from last year`s wonderful display. I know it is not quite the same, but you can think of it as being even more entertaining for the nostalgia if you like.

Bag pipes and kilts
Bag pipes and kilts
Dogs on parade!
Dogs on parade!
There was also a more traditional band.
There was also a more traditional band.
Some derby girls show off!
Some derby girls show off!

There was also a polka band, multiple different Irish step dance teams, a few clog dancers, endless rows of drummers and other bag pipe players, and quite a few representatives of local sports teams. And the antique cars! There seems to be an antique car club based around here, and there were so many beautiful specimens! Have I ever mentioned I love old cars? There was even one from 1909! I was drooling all over that one. Far too much drool and awe to take pictures, anyways! I think my family members took some of the more exciting things, but I have to admit I was too distracted to. I guess I could never be a good photographer. There was quite a lot going on, and it was all too wonderful to limit to a few pictures. You really had to be there. That`s kind of why I`m so disappointed that I wasn`t this year. I guess I`ll just have to fix that problem by visiting next year!

A Local`s Advice on Traveling and Exploring Old Town Alexandria

If you visit the town any other time of year, be sure to visit Union Street Public House, Daingerfield Island park, Asian Bistro, and Old Towne Tea and Spice. The Torpedo Factory art museum and exhibition center is also a nice place to go for any tourist or local, and the whole length of Kingstreet has tons of amusing things to do and see. You`ll be excited to know that the trolley is free, which is great considering that the Metro stop is a block or two away from the center of the action. Don`t bother going to the city in a car, though. Unless you are a local and know of one or two hidden parking spots, you won`t stand a chance. I`m not allowed to tell you about that parking area, though. If I did, all the locals who use it would gladly murder me. I`m not even completely sure that is an exaggeration, either! Have you been to the city lately? Trust me, if you knew of a secret parking spot, you wouldn`t feel safe or happy about sharing it either.

If you got lost, or want live recomendations, your best bet is to probably stop and ask someone that is walking their dog or running, or otherwise obviously a local. Though we are all a little busy around here, we`ll generally cheerfully share some hints and secrets. You just have to ask!

What is your favorite way to spend Saint Patrick`s Day? What is a normal celebration where you live?


2 comments on “On Parade!”

  1. Looks like a fun event – sad that you missed it yesterday! I also missed out on St. Paddy’s Day fun due to being at the yoga studio all day working on my certification, which I love doing, so it wasn’t so bad!
    Much love,

    1. It`s good that you got to do something fun! I`ll admit, I mainly missed it because I was sleeping all day. I plea jet lag as my excuse! (Though it is still a crummy reason, and I should have gone anyways.)

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