Out of The Shadows, Wire Sculpture


This wire sculpture is supposed to be a person rising from pain and brokenness. I suppose I made it en memorium of the time when I had depression, and the beauty of hindsight and seeing how I rose above the hurt I felt at that time. I know this may feel strange, but I think that is one of the most wonderful things in my life, rather like the way I love the music of Eastern Europe, maybe because it is haunting and lilting.

What do you think of my experiments with wire figural sculptures?


16 thoughts on “Out of The Shadows, Wire Sculpture

  1. You made this yourself? It’s quite stunning! I’ve seen something like this somewhat similar at the Christmas markets in Germany. They’re made of industrial materials but like you say, it possesses a deep story and message. Thanks for sharing!


    • I actually made this with soldering wire, so I guess that`s a pretty industrial material. I make a lot of sculptures, they turn out a lot better than my attempts at drawing and painting! I like that the looseness of it really does force you to take a step back and really think. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for stopping by on my blog. I enjoy your blog, so creative, and I like this peice with wire…very interesting. Happy you live in a big city to view professional culture… I miss even being close to a big city… Blessings. Ellie.

  3. Hey I am writing an essay on different art pieces and my theme is depression and I wanted to include this work in it. I was just wondering when was this sculpture made? Like the year? Thanks!

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