The Versatile Blogger Award!

*march 21, 2013: I realized that I never actually got around to leaving a message on each awarded bloggers blog, so they probably don't know they’ve had this all along! (Face palm) Since this was initially posted on February 5th, that's pretty bad. I`m so sorry about how late it is that I am finally doing this- it came from forgetfulness, not meanness!!! So, so, so sorry πŸ™ Anyways, I guess that means congratulations again!

An award that goes out to the most multifaceted bloggers around. You know- those that don’t have a themed blog. Nothing wrong with that, it just means that the WordPress search engine with its category tags aren't getting a lot of viewers to those blogs. That`s why they made this award.Image

I kind of like awards. They make me feel fancy and loved! And I have to be loved, because I got this award after the wonderful lacartera nominated me!

So, what must a nominated person do? What are the rules, regulations, quid pro quos, and legal jibber jabber that I must follow the straight and narrow on? Elementary, my dear Watson. (Love Sherlock Holmes, especially the BBC series– sadly on hiatus for the actor`s work in The Hobbit Trilogy, and the relatively recent movie series, installment 1 and 2! Other versions of the stories use an old stodgy guy for Sherlock, and we all know that has nothing to do with the actual books!)

Anyways, rules. Here they are, in all their glory:

  • post the award picture on the blog (check)
  • give a link to the blogger who nominated you (check)
  • Nominate 15 of your favorite blogs (check mate!)

In case you didnt catch that, nominated blogs are also blogs who have won the award. They go hand in hand on this one. I tell you this, becaue I was being silly and imagining a voting committee, or you need two or more nominations to win, or... Well, lets just leave it at me being silly. So here are far less silly, but more skilled, bloggers:

  1. jonathanochart
  2. jewelsincolorado
  3. franceleclerc
  4. Viva La Glamour
  5. Style Anxiety
  6. My French Heaven
  7. Dave’s Nature

Who would you nominate? Share the name of your favorite blogger, so we can all find more reading material!


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