Monster in The Closet

I thought you might want a break from the constant art based posts, so we can move onto interiors now. A specific interior, in fact. We are talking about the bane of my life here. The dreaded small closet!

I know, you may be thinking that any closet that can`t be walked into is small. I disagree. I love most of those closets.

Why would I love a shallow closet? You can get at everything without wasting space. Walk in closets actually use up a lot of floor space that ends up wasted. Unless you plan on making that space into a sitting room that just happens to be stuffed with shoes? No, you don`t. I rest my case.

But my closet is an extreme case. I have a super small closet. It is 4′ by 2′, but at least a foot and a half on the side is taken up by a sloped ceiling, and 1’6″ is covered by an awkward wall, so I can`t reach straight in to get at what I hang. After a few years of making do with this, I`ve developed an idea or two for the best utilization of the space I do have.

closet necklaces

The walls that you have can be used to hang a kit bag and individual hooks for each necklace. The dormers are hard to use, but if it weren`t such a narrow space, I coud have put shelves on the slanted sides. It just takes a bit of ingenuity!


When you have dormers and slanted ceilings, every little inch counts. Rows of matching nails hold bracelets and necklaces, while a plastic embroidery frame could hold earrings and other little bits. (Clear plastic egg crate tops from Costco are in my nightstand drawer, and I put my post earrings in there, one pair per ‘egg’.)earring plastic embroidery frame

You could nail this up to hold earrings, along with the nails that hold necklaces and bracelets.closetOther nails hold hats, while shelves and two clothes rods provide the maximum amount of hanging space in the walled and slanted end of the closet.

There are more ideas that I have for maximizing storage space with minimal closet area, but we wouldn`t want you to get overwhelmed by too many ideas all at once. I want to introduce them more gradually than that! So, I have a lot more ideas for your closet. To tide you over until I come out with more posts, feel free to look at the other posts I`ve already made!

I also made a post on closet purging, and a newer post on modifying the clothes you choose to save so that they fit you better. Keep your eyes peeled for my next closet post!

Yes, I know that you may be wondering why I`m redoing my closet. As I`ve stated very clearly, I`m moving, and I won`t be stuck with this small closet then. But I actually had these ideas a few years ago, and have only been adding on details like the nails and ‘earring board’ as I`ve gone along, most especially this and last year. At any rate, I figure with all the Spring cleaning you`ve been doing in your closet, you deserve to have what`s left be organized and presented so that you can see what you have better than ever before.

What tricks do you have for getting the most out of your small space?


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    • Well, if they are bagged, at least they aren`t too dusty! Never fear, though, there are a lot of easy ways to do it. And cheap. Take random nails on the wall as example one of cheap!

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