A Conversation


(It has been so long, you don`t call me anymore. I don`t feel connected to you anymore, I`m not really sure who you are anymore.)

Hi to you too.

(I`m not sure how to react to you. Will you be angry? Will you resent my silence? I wish we could talk like we used to, but too much has happened since then.)

Blah BlahThe weather is nice.

(I still don`t know what to say. You obviously didn`t, either, or you would of said something.)


(I don`t know how to talk to you. I`m not sure I want to.)

Last time it was stormy.

(The last time we talked to each other, we yelled and fought to no end. Sure, the physical weather was nice, but our temperaments sure were stormy.)

We never saw the rainbow.

(We didn`t make up. I`m not even sure what we were arguing about! I said your name, you said mine. We talked a little. I think I said something about your boyfriend.)

I don`t want it to be like that.

(It was dumb. You are my best friend, and we shouldn`t split up over something so stupid.)

I think we are better now.

(I love you. We said some bad things, but I love you.)

French Fries and Icecream?

You know it!

(All is well again.)

Do you ever have conversations like this, where at least half of it is implied and silent?


6 thoughts on “A Conversation

    • Well, there`s always occasional rifts, especially with the friends who are as dramatic as you are! Fortunately, though, this was made purely from my imagination. I was just thinking one day that I can tell my sister something by winking or frowning, and I expanded on the idea a bit. Then there are also some inevitable problems you run into with some real life friends who aren`t the greatest at communication or peace…

      • dramatic. My experinces say I am as anti drama as they come. Ever been related to fame and lots of people you know using your family name anyway they want to without your permission? How drama do you think you would get if I took your name or family name and started using it to raionalize everything I do without you knowing about it? I suffer a great deal of patience here too.

      • I`m sorry for the annoyances you face. But can a person really suffer through patience? I have to say, I`ve only been greatly annoyed by patience when it came at a time I was angry anyways, and I wanted drama! It`s funny if you dislike it, though it is almost the opposite of drama. I`m generally pretty anti-dramatic too, unless I get caught up in some cause, usually one I think of as noble.

      • Read your words again. We are a lot alike. That is why I suffer it. I want a lot of things now but it would be very unrealistic and certainly irresponsible in my position to get them all now. I suffer my own now need inside. I have a full agenda in life and it must be dealt with at work very responsibly with a lot of “let be and let own”. Can’t own it all and when what is mine is attacked by irresponsible handling, I get very angry. In my position when I get angry, well, I will let you take it from there. I hold a global position and hold it I will.

      • Ah, I understand the feeling. Well, I probably don`t actually completely, but I understand feeling upset over misuse of what is yours, or at least what you defend.

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