Fairy Fields, Oil paint on Textured Paperboard

I wanted to shake things up a bit here. You guys have gotten used to my same old, same old posts. I rant about fashion labels, I share opinions, I make some food. I save you money, effort, and your security. But there are some things I haven`t done so far. Though I may have hinted at it, I haven`t even shared a single sketch as proof that I`m also an artist. How are you to know I mean this, and I`m not just pulling your leg? You don`t. So it`s time that we change some things around here. And to kick that off, I`m starting a series on some of my sketches, just like I said.

I can`t share my favorite work, as that is still off at the cleaners after that lovely house fire. (I know, the sarcasm is so thick you could eat it!) I`m still really scared that they won`t be careful, and it will all get ruined! In the meantime, though, I can only share the work inside my sketch books and that which was displayed upstairs, and hope my art gets returned in one piece. (I don`t know how they could not ruin my oil pastels on cardboard. So much stress!)

Fairy Fields

This is one of my favorites that are still around. It is just too bad that you can`t really see all the light dotting and color variation going on in here! I know that the work itself is kind of loose and moody, but the theme of the piece is a changing of seasons. You see how the top is Winter, and the reflection in the lake is of Spring? And there is Summer in the middle, full of flaming color as two fairies or people dance around a fair ground. I think that I made this one with the initial thought of capturing the tradition of May Day, and here is the result!

This was also an exploratory piece, as this was the first time I`d never used oil paints. This was loosely inspired by Monet and the other impressionists, as you can tell by my rather loose and exaggerated  interpretation of the human form. I think some thought as to how the sunset makes the trees in front of it look black was also thrown in. Before writing this, I never realized how many different little  things go into a piece of my art!

This is done with oil paints, as I said, on textured paper board. The fair ground posts are done with pastels, and the background is done with watercolor.

You may notice that there is no signature at the bottom, but that is more a reflection of my laziness than anything else.

This is where my usual thought provoking question goes, but that doesn`t seem right with an art post. Instead, why don`t you ask me a question for some good conversation in the comments?


4 thoughts on “Fairy Fields, Oil paint on Textured Paperboard

  1. Putting views on canvas. I never really though of it that way but I do like oils in painting better. Just got me thinking of art apprecition.

    • No, don`t get stuck in art appreciation! That is where you loose track of all beauty in art and get bogged down by history and what if`s. Don`t do it! (Art history class was the worst mistake I`ve ever made.)

      • You took one of them too. I call it essay victimhood. However I cure it by seeing everything as art. I broke the cliche of what is art a long time ago. I see the way we do all things as art.

      • Well, unless you go into dot canvasses. You know, the huge canvas with one dot in the middle of it? That is trying to be clever, not trying to make something beautiful. You can feel the difference when you look at something. And the snarky art movement where they string a bike or a trash can up on the ceiling and call it art. I think it is too, but it is more authentic in its normal setting than a museum.

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