I`ve got Sunshine

The Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

dearkitty1 nominated this blog for the Sunshine Award.

Thank you so much! I`m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by how much people seem to like my blog. Really, three awards in a little over a week? I never dreamed this would happen!

Thank you, all my readers! I feel so loved πŸ™‚

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A Little Bit About Me

I hate an issue with feet. I mean, I love shoes, but I hate other people`s feet. When they touch me, or are too close to me, I kind of go into panic mode. I say, keep your feet to yourself at all times!

I`m kind of gullible. I remember in fifth grade a classmate took me aside and told me in complete secrecy that she was a fairy. I totally believed her until I heard giggling about it late. Ah well. Better to believe the best in people than to be paranoid all the time.

I have freckles. I kind of like it. I don`t use foundation or anything, because that would cover them up!

I like collecting glasses. I have three pairs right now, and Im slowly adding so that Ill eventually have a pair in every color. The thing holding me back, of course, is the fact that I have prescription glasses, so it costs a bit more to build up my collection.

My favorite citrus fruit is lime. I love lime. I use it as a condiment in my favorite Thai food, and I`ve always liked fruity lime pops more than icecream.

I actually grew up dairy free. When my Mom starting working full time (as opposed to being a stay at home Mom) that sort of fell by the wayside, so it is kind of funny that I cant make the switch to it now. I mean, the only dairy stuff I like is cheese, but I just cant stand to give it up.

I love antique cars. A ton. My favorite is a 1949 Ford Plymouth, but I just really love antique cars in general.1949 Chevrolet Pickup

I carry my water bottle around everywhere. It makes me feel pretty silly, but it`s better than being dehydrated.

I still love to watch Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo. Kid stuff, I know, but it is comforting to revisit the past.

When I watch any other movies or shows, after ten minutes I generally know the whole plot. Plots just repeat a lot, especially in Hollywood, so it really isnt difficult for me. But, either way, I still end up enjoying the show. I just dont pay close attention for every minute of it.


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