April Fool`s!


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Today is April Fool`s Day! So, in an effort to keep the pranking fun and nice, I thought I would share some ideas that don`t leave anyone with broken limbs. I decided to bring you a list of my top 5 favorite pranks that are silly, not mean. The ER staff will thank me 🙂

  • Replace the sugar with parmesan (too much salt is bad for people, so skip it!)

  • Hide the chocolate- you can tell how this is secretly a nice thing, right?

  • Put cling wrap over the toilet seat! It may be an unpleasant surprise, but I don`t think anyone can manage getting a finger chopped off or something with this one. Well, unless they were really talented. Like my talented little cousin!

  • Put shaving cream on the bathroom mirror- when wiped off, it will become fog (and shower) resistant, so you are really secretly doing everyone a favor. You are playing a double trick by making your trick a treat! You sneaky thing you. 🙂

  • Switch the Food! Make some candy that looks like sushi, or a cookie pizza, and some spinach pie that looks like dessert. You will fool everyone, and no one will be hurt. Unless someone with you is a diabetic. Then you should skip the dessert one, as that could hurt them, and go against the whole ‘no ER visits’ goal we have for today!

So, most important is that you keep your head on your shoulders. Be silly, but don`t hurt anyone! It`s proof of your superior intelligence that you can do something fun without it being worthy of “Jackass 53” (or whatever number the thing is on), so don`t let anyone laugh at your childish pranking. Well, unless they are laughing because it was good. We want to encourage that kind of laughter. Is anyone else slightly confused by me? I am. I guess I`ll just leave it at this:

What are some of your ideas for funny but pain-free pranks for today?


12 thoughts on “April Fool`s!

  1. I like it! 🙂 I’ve put clear tape over a toilet sear once. My boss was a practical joker who loved golf. So I left a note on his desk asking him if he could get a hole in one. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

    • How funny! I have to admit, I don`t think I`d ever have the guts to do a single prank. Well, one time I left a crawfish on my sister`s pillow, but my Mom helped me because I was a toddler at the time and my sister tended to be a prankster all the time. In modern times, though, no matter what it was, I think I`d feel really bad about doing anything. So I guess I just say puns, and everyone groans and no one is ever upset!

  2. I never do this as a tradition. Names for dates start culture. Those that have a diamond for a birthstone start with a fools day? Playing jokes on people?

    • I`ve never actually done April Fool`s day either. I guess I`m just not the biggest prankster. I have to say I don`t follow the birthstone tradition at all, partly because I was born in November and hate the stone. I like opals, so I have a lot of opal stuff, regardless of what stone people tell me I should like!

      • I don’t relate to buying just my birthstone. My august stone just doesn’t fit every outfit. If I have to do in what I am wearing then I wear what I am comforatble to achieve my doing.

      • Emeralds are a very pretty birthstone, but you are right. They could look weird in the wrong outfit.Yes, I dress for the occasion as well. For example, when I go camping, I stop wearing all my pretty clothes and just throw on some jeans and a French braid.

      • August is not emerald it is peridot. May is emerald. I like my jewlery to match an outfilt so if it doesn’t I simply wear very little. I am very selective. You are right. But jeans and a casual are the prefered.

      • Sorry, I just did a quick Google and saw green, so I sort of jumped to conclusions. I just wear whatever jewelry I think will work with an outfit, and I never bother with birthstones at all. Jeans and casual are nice sometimes, but I also like the feeling I get from wearing pretty things sometimes too.

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