Shadows of Starlight, Chalk Pastels

What, you didn`t think I`d quit the art thing, did you? Perish the thought! No, I`ve merely been giving you a break. Now you`ve had one, much as I had my Spring Break, and it is time you got over the sensation. It is work time now! Well, sort of. One can never really consider admiring art work, can they? I mean, even if it is your job, it is a joyfully and relaxing thing to do. What a fun job that would be, too! I`m almost jealous. Except, if that were my job, that would mean I had a job. I don`t think I`m ready for that type of drudgery just yet, thank you very much.

But I think you are ready for me to stop talking, and just show you the darned art. So, with all due solemnity, I present to you my next piece!

Shadows of Starlight, chalk pastelI call this shadows of starlight. Don`t you love how the bat is flying around as the girl and bird`s songs waft up to the heavens? This was an experimental work I did when I got my first charcoal pencils. I think it turned out smashingly, though perhaps the colored oil pastel lines and graphite music notes were in poor and excessive taste. It may not have been the best choice, but it is whimsical, right? I think whimsy is valuable, even when it undermines solemn beauty. You are free to feel as you like, though, of course!

I used some black chalk pastels as well as the charcoal. I love chalk pastels! I haven`t used them in so long, as I couldn`t find any fixative, but now that I have it I can use as much as I like! I just wish I could frame this so it has the best look and most protection, but alas, framing takes money. I wish I could sell some of the work I do!

Do you think the colored lines and music notes were just right, or over the top and detrimental to the composition?


3 thoughts on “Shadows of Starlight, Chalk Pastels

    • You`re right, this would look a bit better on a canvas. I have to say, I`m still a little scared of oils, mainly because they just feel so permanent. (Though the opposite is really true because of the long drying time!) I`m working on a canvas now. The art I`ve shown so far is really just a bunch of entries from my sketchbook, none of it is my real work. That is all still in storage from the smoke I had a while ago, but it is coming back!
      Once I get that stuff, I can post my real paintings and drawings. Thanks for looking at this post though, I feel like my art posts aren`t as interesting and popular as my writing, probably because of the quality gap.

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